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Unlock the Tour of Luxury

钟彤悦 Anna Zhong 2019-02-19 15:01

In today’s world, luxury tours are no longer limited to high-end hotels, delicate dishes and mundane scenic places. From the vast Pacific Ocean to the grand, Grand Canyon, from the exotic coral reefs to the pure, pure glaciers, and from wild African plains to the rich tropical rainforests, high-end customised tours reach beyond mere material luxury. Rather, they lead your exploring steps to the legendary sceneries around the world, and try to revisit the long-lost sincerity and trueness. 


According to a recent report by ILTM China, the demand for luxury travel is extraordinarily high in China. The rich, “new generation” — those born in the 21st century – has become a unique and influential force on the market, which is expected to bring drastic changes to the industry in the coming years. 

Rupert Hoogewerf, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, mentioned in his speech that from the analysis of the newest trends in Chinese luxury travel market, the most popular destination for high-end customers in China are Europe and America, followed by Africa. Meanwhile, Australia, Thailand and New Zealand are the top three destination rivals for the coming 2019 Spring Festival vacation. 

The report also indicates that 29% interviewed prefer more homely experiences. And as more and more rich people have purchased overseas estates, nearly half will fly to their foreign residences. Hoogewerf also points out that family tours will be a new trend for future luxury travel.

At the same time, in order to meet the growing demand of the younger customers, more specialised and customised travel themes and routes have been developed.

The James Bond Experience


Just like James Bond in the 007 Series, driving a surreal-looking sportscar to a restaurant and falling sleep in a luxurious bed is now available thanks to Ptravels Club. As its CEO Ofir Ben Haim joyfully told me, their Across Europe Porsche Journey is way beyond expectation.

Click and kick-start, the wheels under your luxury ride winds freely along the mountain path. Along the way is the breath-taking sight: exquisite European villages, crowded vistas of hills, and the snow-covered summits. It’s a tour of natural wonders.

Apart from the speed and passion, you will check in one of the best hotels on earth and dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant. With a huge lobby, top facilities, and a wonderful balcony, it’s a perfect place for life’s artists. The hotel is also equipped with a spa centre, where you can fully relax your fatigued body.

Luxury Trains Across Rocky Mountains


In Canada, one of the signature sights is the “Canadian Rockies”. The luxury train, Rocky Mountaineer, takes tourists across the entire west Canada to experience the marvellous view along the rail. Rocky Mountaineer travels through British Columbia and Alberta, and connects Vancouver with Lake Louis and Jasper. Passengers could appreciate the beautiful sceneries and enjoy unique cuisines.


Rocky Mountaineer Silver Leaf Service offers single-deck dome car with huge panoramic windows and selected meals. Gold Leaf Service provides upper level glass domes, giving the best all-round view of the Canadian Rockies you can get. 

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