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Summer Biking in Switzerland

钟彤悦 Anna Zhong 2018-08-14 16:50

The Swiss summertime is perfect for bicycle riding — cycling along curvy paths amid mountain ranges, or passing through shady lanes in the vineyards, or even lingering yourself from one charming village to another. From the breath-taking mountains to the tranquil lakes, the amazing land of Switzerland never disappoints cyclists in various choices of scenic routes. 

Enchanting Valais Vineyard 

From: Martigny 

To: Loeche 

Length: 82 km 

Altitude Gap: 1,300 m 

Start your wine tour in the canton of Valais through the sunny valley stretching from Martigny to Loeche. The 82km long curvy route leads you to the fine vineyards and historic relics one after another. 


Stop your steps in the wine villages and take time to notice the grapes hanging above your head. When the zephyr breathes by, the vine leaves respond in an elegant wavy dance. Naturally, you’ll find exceptional wine here — and keep in mind that the delicious vintages you’re tasting are selected from more than 40 different types of grapes in Valais. 


Besides amazing vineyards, the charming sceneries of Rhône valley will also thrill visitors. You could plan for a different return route – either riding bicycles along the Rhône or taking a train ride back to Martigny. 

Witnessing Golden History 

From: Neuchâtel 

To: Neuchâtel 

Length : 107 km 

Altitude Gap: 370 m 

Neuchâtel is a university town easily reached by train from anywhere in Switzerland. You could leave the town to pedal through the vineyards on the northern side of the lake. Passing a succession of wine-growing villages, you reach Grandson and its magnificent castle, witness to a famous battle in 1476 between Charles the Bold and the Swiss. 


The next town on the loop is Yverdon-les-Bains, a site with Celtic origins located at the end of the lake, and continue on alongside the Grande Cariçaie wetland. This marshy resource, with its many reed beds, extends 40km along the southern shore of the lake, providing a habitat for more than 100 species of birds.

Estavayer-le-Lac is a good place to pause a while. This particularly well-preserved medieval town harbours a 13th century castle, as well as picturesque beaches. 


Apart from historical relics and natural scenery the route contains a few unpaved trails — uniquely designed to help cyclists to avoid traffic on the main roads. 

Across Magadino Plain 

From: Bellinzona 

To: Bellinzona 

Length : 42 km 

Altitude Gap: 90 m 

This is a level loop for a relaxing ride across the Magadino plain on cycle lanes segregated from traffic. 


It starts and ends in Bellinzona. Canton Ticino’s capital is famous for its three castles (Castelgrande, Monte Bello, Sasso Corbaro), which were incorporated into the register of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000. 

Aiming for the Ticino river, which you follow for a few kilometres before crossing the fields towards Lake Maggiore. You reach it at Tenero, a good place to take a break. Here is a five-star campsite, with such facilities as a natural lakeside bath. Visitors can join different kinds of activities including yoga and dancing. The campsite also provides barbecue, mini markets, candy stores, restaurants and a pizza house. 


The return leg crosses the Magadino plain to reach the foot of the mountain at Quartino. The route then passes through a number of local villages before returning to Bellinzona. 

Amazing Apple Tour 

From: Weinfelden 

To: Weinfelden 

Length : 41 km 

Altitude Gap: 260 m 

This easy loop in Canton Thurgau holds a surprise in store for adventurous souls. Set off from Weinfelden station suspecting nothing; the first two kilometres take you out of the little town and into open country. 


Just before reaching the Thur River, you find yourself on a lane — and this is where the adventure begins. 

The surface is fairly smooth and fine for road cycling. A few kilometres later takes you away from the Thur, and back to the asphalt near Sulgen. Not for long, though. The enchanting Thurgau countryside unfolds itself on the route, and you will be undoubtedly blown away by the lovely family farms and orchards when passing by. 

Original farms, sparse traffic, and the adventurous ride…it’s a route that the world’s cyclists dream of pedalling one day. 


If you find road cycling too easy to be an adventure, then Switzerland provides a handful of mountain biking and cross-country biking routes. Hop on your mountain bikes and cross the marvellous Alps through the narrow paths and reach the Lake Geneva through Jura from Basel, or tour around the whole of Switzerland. All those exciting routes are waiting for you to explore. 


Sport lovers could choose routes from the Best Cycling Tours and follow the guide through the Alps. The fee includes the rent of bicycles, accommodation and bicycle checks. 

There are 60 certified bicycle inns in Switzerland offering qualified facilities for riders. The service includes garages with locks, schedule planning and repair services, etc. 

During certain periods in summer, 2018, the paths to Alps will be specially reserved for the cyclists. 


Never miss the Tour de Suisse, UCI World Tour and other similar tournaments alike. 

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