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Speeding on Snow

Claudia 2018-04-10 16:11

Wanda Changbai Mountain Ski Resort 

High-end facilities boost experience 

Among the list of prestigious ski resorts in China, Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort sits proudly at the top for its high-end facilities. It is located on the hills next to the main peak of Changbai Mountain. Designed by the renowned Canadian firm Ecosign, the resort covers an area of seven square kilometres, complete with 43 ski trails. 


The ski resort is comprehensively equipped with modern facilities. Three ski service centres are located in the main towns of Guosong and Kaiyue respectively, among which the service centre in the main town is the major entrance to the resort. The resort opens from 8:30 to 16:30. Upon entering the resort, you are sure to be amazed by the contrast of white ski trails against the deep blue sky. Looking around, reddened pine forests echo the main peak of Changbai Mountain in the distance. 

Compared to a prestigious Swiss resort, Changbai Resort offers a unique experience in its own way. 


Scheduled buses carry visitors between Changbai Mountain Airport and Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort on a regular basis. Without question, taking a car trip to the mountain after landing in Changchun is also a favourable option. Along the highway you can’t miss the marvellous birch forest and flying rimes. 

The Must-Go Specialty Ski Resort 

Perfect for Families and Sightseers 

Besides the Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort, the Er’long Mountain Ski Resort also worth trying. Located in the suburb, 50 kilometres east of the downtown Harbin, the ski park in the Er’Long Mountain Resort covers an area of 780,000 square metres. 


The Er’long Mountain in winter is attractive in many aspects – below the towering peaks are the skiing enthusiasts competing with each other. While you are taking a bird’s eye view from the ski lifts, the white snow covers the abrupt mountain rocks, adding a sense of gentleness to the precipitous peak, and also gives some attention to the dense woods behind. Besides two primary ski areas and six high-class ski trails, the children’s ski park also lends more fun for families. 

If you prefer appreciating the sceneries of rimes during skiing, the Beidahu Ski Resort located in the Jilin Sport and Economic Development Zone would be your best option. The resort is born with such advantages for skiing – gentle slopes with few cliffs, winter breeze is almost still, and the weather is favourable. 


Skiing here means you can appreciate the massive, spectacular rimes. Who said that the fun of sporting and sightseeing can’t be achieved at the same time? 


sports, participants must be well-equipped before participation. 


Helmet : A helmet is always recommended for safety. 

Glass : To protect from strong winds and extra light.  

Ski Suit : Recommended to bring your own ski suits.  

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