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Pastoral Moments on Farmstays

马宝萍 Heather Ma 2018-06-01 15:18

With summer well on its way, why not plan a tour over the forthcoming Dragon Boat Festival from June 16th-18th ? If you plan to take your family to a tranquil destination for some private quality time, these specialty farmstays in Queensland must be on your list. 

Milk like a Dairymaid 

Tommerup's Dairy Farm is conveniently located within the Brisbane Scenic Rim; visitors need only to take a 90-minute car journey to reach the hundred-year-old resort. 

The farm’s historic cottage house is equipped with charming four-poster beds and modern facilities, though there is also the option to camp outside and enjoy a windless, tranquil night beneath the stars on the farm’s 200-acre grounds . 


Curious to learn how a traditional dairy farm works? Guests here are welcomed to learn how to feed and even milk the cows – kids too can get hands-on experience feeding the adorable dairy calves. 

Afternoon tea time affords a moment of leisure during the day. Or why not try your hand at fishing?


Every year in late June, the farm hosts Eat Local Week, a cuisine festival that offers all kinds of locally-produced delicious food. 

Tete-a-Tete with Alpacas and Horses 

Bunyip Springs Farmstay is located in a 251-acre natural pasture, 251km northwest of Brisbane downtown. 

The cottage provides a stunning view of the farm animals, against a background of thriving forests. Bunyip State Park is not far away from here, and provides excellent opportunities to explore marvellous mountains, crystal-clear lakes and woodland. 


Residents here pursue an utterly different lifestyle from those in the city. Visitors are given the chance to experience how local farmers live, and yes, that means interacting with adorable farm animals. At many farms, alpacas are the masters of the land, their haughty expressions and luscious eyelashes providing both entertainment an d photo opportunities. Horse riding is also a popular activity in Bunyip Springs Farmstay. Docile horses on the farm are perfect companions for riders to explore the Southern Hemisphere’s autumn scenery. 


Younger guests are encouraged to feed the chickens, ducks and other farm animals, not to mention playing with the farm’s friendly golden retrievers on the lawn. 

A Tour of Aboriginal Cuisine and Culture 

Cedar Glen Farmstay, established in 1901, is located in Lamington National Park near the glorious mountain ridges of the Gold Coast, which are visible from the property’s balconies. 

Life in Cedar Glen Farmstay is just as poetic and tranquil as its name indicates. What’s more, it offers endless moments of fun. 


Walking out of the door, you are warmly welcomed by animal life on the farm. The farm owner invites visitors to play with boomerangs, which were invented by Australian Aborigines as a hunting weapon. With tuition from the local guides, you’ll get the hang of this remarkable tool in no time. 

Guests at the farmstay are privileged to explore Aboriginal cuisines – such as billy tea and damper. The former gets its name from the billycans used to make the tea. While that’s brewing, you could also try making damper bread – a mix of flour water and salt that is vigorously kneaded before being baked. The freshly-baked bread is a perfect match with Australian golden syrup. Other fun activities include hand-made marshmallows and horse riding. 


Sheep Shearing and Herding Dog Performance 

Paradise Country Farmstay, also located in the Gold Coast, is dubbed as an ‘encyclopaedia of Australian farm life’. The farmstay prides itself on beautiful sunny weather, an endless stretch of white beach, the vast blue sea, romantic palm jungles and crisp sea air. This is exactly the place to enjoy a relaxed farm life. 

Paradise Country Farmstay provides unique experiences – sheep shearing and sheepdog herding performances. During the former, farmers shear the whole woolly coat from the sheep in one go, after which the sheep swiftly canters off with its fresh new haircut. The herding dogs are remarkable for their intelligence and synergy with their masters. After extensive specialized training, they provide sheep farmers with an invaluable partnership to manage a flock of sheep. 


The farm has also opened a mini ‘Animal Kindergarten’ for children to explore. Here kids are given the chance to feed kangaroos, pet koalas, and, during one of the VIP experiences, eat breakfast with koalas and have a tete-a-tete with dingoes. 

When the Nor thern Hemisphere is stepping into harsh summer heat, Queensland in the Southern Hemisphere is heading for a temperate and warm autumn climate. Fresh air, amicable weather, an abundance of local fruit, fish and meat from the farms, and of course a glass of fine, locally-produced Australian wine, constitutes the ultimate rural getaway. 


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