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Maldives: Lovely Journey of Love

俞祎君 Aggi Yu 2018-04-10 16:57

In the film My Life as McDull, as the cable ascended into the sky that he thought that it was a plane, McDull was mumbling that Maldives is what a paradise that has many coconut trees, clear water, white sand, blue sky and white clouds. It is located in India Ocean.”People around the world only know Maldives is a perfect resort destination, but it also needs to be preserved in order to maintain the beautiful environment and those magical creatures in the sea. 

Blue Paradise 

The Lonely Planet guide to the Maldives writes: "The endless beaches, unique topography, luxury and magical underwater world make Maldives the ideal destination for honeymooning couples, sunbathing enthusiasts, diving addicts, and even the backpackers." 


The country near the equator is hot all year round, however, like most countries in and around the Indian Ocean, the rainy season lasts from April to October every year so the best time to travel in Maldives is from January to April. Among more than 1000 islands, there are only over 100 islands that are currently developed into glamorous resorts. Cheval Blanc Randheli is a resort with a minimalist style and every villa here has its own private white sand beach; Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru sets up a PADI five-star snorkeling center where you can dance with sharks and devil fish; Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has the world's first glass underwater restaurant; Royal Island is more low-key under the shade of bodhi trees and shrubs. Being here, you can swim casually in the clear sea, walk on the white sand beach, live in the beach villa and enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner. 

While this is what most visitors see, there is another side of this "paradise on earth". Those undeveloped islands are still lagging behind due to lack of easy access and, communication with the outside world. 

In addition, the overdevelopment of tourism gradually causes environmental pollution to the local. 


If you want to see another side to life in the Maldives, consider being an international volunteer. The originators of this activity were high school students from Europe and the United States. After their graduation from middle school, some students chose to take a year off to explore the world and discover themselves. The motivations of applying for being international volunteers vary from person to person. Some want to have a real impact on a place by participating in a volunteer project, and some are interested in a country, so they choose this particular way to broaden their horizons. To be an international volunteer is not to pretend to help, but to actually lend a helping hand to someone or somewhere that really needs it. 


Deepdiscovery in Maldives 

In fact, volunteering in the Maldives is not only a meaningful thing, but it can also keep you away from those expensive and crowded travel destinations and let you experience the real life of the Maldives in person. There are just over 400,000 people living in the Maldives and some of the islands have only a few thousand inhabitants. 

As such, you can feel the great harmony and warm hospitality of these local inhabitants while working on beach cleanup, farming experience, turtle conservation, and more on a residential island where volunteer projects are set up. In addition to the work, down time will be arranged for volunteers to participate in snorkeling activities or boarding uninhabited islands in order to further explore Maldives. 


It is evident that no matter where you are, being an international volunteer has a certain stipulation. The volunteer project in Maldives usually lasts for two to twelve weeks, focusing on the sustainable development of the island. 

An international volunteer in the Maldives who participated in conservation programs wrote the following text, “Once, in the process of snorkeling, I swim with a large hawksbill turtle for about a minute until I exhausted all my air. We have been making eye contact with each other, which is an extraordinary time for me to appreciate the wonders of nature. I know I've only played a little part in the process of protecting it, but it feels so wonderful.” 


This special volunteer project named "volunteer tourism" is born not just to protect the fragile but beautiful natural ecological environment of the Maldives, but also to provide a perfect platform for volunteers to work together with the local and professional staff, as well as to make new friends around the world. 

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