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Vantage Editor 2017-09-01 16:18

South Korea | Andong 


Andong in North Gyeongsang Province is the central area of Korean culture and folklore. The Maskdance Festival which is about mask and maskdance takes place from 29th Sept to 8th Oct, and you can admire the mask dance all around the world. Andong, a testament to the beauty of the East, also has a well preserved religious and cultural heritage. 

South Africa | Hermanus 


 Whale watching depends on luck. Between May and November, tourists from all over the world come to Hermanus to see Southern Right whales. The most special event is "whale man" sounded horns made of seaweed informed the whales. 

Norway | Vega 


Vega is made up of 6,500 islands, where the largest island is also named Vega. The residents of the island live a life virtually unchanged in 1500 years, maintaining a sustainable living by fishing and eider down harvesting. 

Denmark | Stevns Klint 


 Stevns Klint coast has been listed as a UNESCO site. The cliffs are more than 40 metres high and 15 km long. You can see the fossils of prehistoric animals from when there was an ocean here 65.5million years ago, and some rare birds also live here. The Cold War museum and a church can be seen in the distance. 

Switzerland | Zurich 


Zurich offers a unique experience with a view of the snowcapped Alps. Zurich remains the city with the second highest quality of life, only lagging behind Vienna. In June, AIR CHINA opened direct flight routes on each Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from Beijing to Zurich so it is more convenient than ever to travel to Switzerland. 

Oman |  Muscat 


It is easy to be distracted from the beautiful coastline by the swanky restaurants and shopping malls. It is the paradise for those who are interested in shipwrecks. The best time to watch turtles is from July to October, and one of the popular attractions is Daymaniyat. 

Hawaii | Mauna Kea 


It was wonderful to see the sun slowly fall into the clouds at Mauna Kea, the highest peak in the Pacific, which means ‘White Mountain’in Hawaiian. There are many large international telescopes on the mountain, taking advantage of the area’s crystal clear air and no light pollution to gave up at the stars. 

German | Bonn 

The former capital of Germany, and is best known as the city of Beethoven. A series of concerts light up September and October, with classical music spreading throughout the city. Another highlight is‘Rhein in Flammen’including grand music and fireworks shows. 

Spain | Cadiz 


Founded in 1104 BC as Gadir or Agadir by Phoenicians from Tyre, Cadiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain. The city is filled with giant trees that Christopher Columbus supposedly brought to the country from the New World. It is worth the visit especially if you want to get away from the overcrowded tourist areas. 

Colombia | Cartagena 


Cartagena, which is a seaport city on the Caribbean coast of northwestern Columbia, has bright colors, strong cocktails, vibrant flavors, and pulsing music. Whoever wanted to visit a city that offered both rich culture and long siestas, the Mediterranean port city delivered. You could easily soak it all up in a long weekend. 

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