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Vantage Editor 2016-09-01 10:04

Never has a TV show caused an international stir quite like the sixth season of Game of Thrones. With each episode costing up to 10million USD to produce, the exotic locations are as much a star of the limelight as the characters. Together, they make up the fantastical lands of Westeros and Essos, but do they actually exist? 


Morocco | Essaouiraa 


Slaver's Bay is the core of slave trade in the plot. Daenerys unchained the Unsullied and thus pocessed her own army here in Astapor. Same as the fictional setting, location Essaouira is a port city adjoining the Mediterranean sea. This city is a melting pot fascinating as gouaches. 

 Malta | Gozo 


On the coastal cliff of Gozo, Daenerys Storm Born was married to Karl Drogo right beside the spectacular Azure window. Despite all the drama, Gozo is a charming island not far from Malta, known for its picturesque scenery, pristine coastline and untouched country trails. 

Spain | Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona 


You can still tell the look of Great Sept of Baelor by looking at the exterior of Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona. This church is Romanesque and Gothic with a long gorgeous Baroque main façade, making it the most impressive cathedral of all in Spain. 

Northern Ireland|Ballintoy Harbour 


The crew didn't even skip such a small fishing harbour ! In the middle of nowhere, this harbour remains as it was in the old times. When the filming at the harbour took place in 2011, the local shops and fishermen had to temporarily berth their boats in Ballycastle till the production were done. 

 Northern Ireland | Dark Hedges 


Arya Stark ran away from King's Road, a mystifyingly cool road aside with a row of crazy beech trees sitting intertwined and curving in peculiar ways. This now called Dark Hedges is well-known in Northern Ireland, not far away from Stanocum in County Antrim. These 300 years old trees were planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, to dress up the road towards their manor, and now creates a truly bizarre site in any season. 



House Martell from Dorne might be the only family daring to front the Lannisters in boom times. Inspired by medieval Spanish history, George R.R. Martin gives the remote Dorne an exotic look. The Water Gardens from city Sunspear was among the most impressive of all, based on a mudéjar style of exterior from Alcázar of Seville. It is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. 

 Iceland | Vatnajökull National Park 


Chilling wind stripped the land bare, on which you see nothing but snowy wilds that never ends. These scenes are mostly filmed at Vatnajökull National Park. Taking up 13% of Iceland's territory, it is divesified with canyons, glacial rivers, volcanos, ice lakes, along with Europe's largest glacier outside the arctic. 



Kingslanding always has a dismal and subtle shade while the factual Dubrovnik is lightened up by Adriatic Sea and large stretches of coral roofs. Down the narrow alleys,familiar places reminiscent of the fascinating plot had brought tourism of Dubrovnik up by 15 % after the series were aired. 

Spain|Tabernas Desert 


As the driest region of Europe, the annual rainfall in Almeria reaches levels as low as 156 mm. Quite different from what we usually picture a golden desert, this semi-desert has a characteristic landscape of badlands, remaining primitively mysterious for its gray tones of gullies, ravines and other geological formations, thus perfect for being shot as Dothraki Sea. 

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