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Vantage Editor 2016-11-01 11:28



When the cold snap hits Shanghai in the next month or two, escape to Palau for its pristine beaches and marvellous diving sites. Numerous water based activities and extraordinary array of natural wonders would keep you high on adrenalin all day, every day. The best time to visit Palau is the dry season, lasting all the way from November to April. 

New Zealand | Queenstown 


This small town truly packs a big punch and wears its ‘Global Adventure Capital’ badge proudly. With its quality wine, fishing trips, world-class golf courses, and an extraordinary array of outdoor activities to offer, this place is the go-to for people who really know how to holiday. 

Oman | Muscat 


Muscat is the capital of Oman about 5 hours' drive from Dubai. The temperature hovers around 28℃ in winter from October to April, making it the best time to visit Muscat right now. If you wish to experience Arabian charm in a more tolerant religious country, Muscat would be it. 

China | Tengchong 


Yunnan is arguably the first choice for a domestic winter getaway. But beside mainstays Dali and Lijiang, Tengchong would add some heat to your otherwise mild trip with its abundant geothermal resources. Make sure you don't miss the foliage this season from middle November to early December at Ginkgo Village. 

South Africa|Tshwane 


The capital city of South Africa is praised as the 'jacaranda city'. Beautiful purple blossom bedecked trees line all its thoroughfares, throwing a blanket of mauve over the whole city - a match for Japan in its cherry blossom season. Here, you'll have more than 100 parks to visit, including bird sanctuaries and nature reserves. 

Switzerland |  Interlaken 


The breathtaking traditional resort town of Interlaken might be cold from December to the next February, but in winter there's lots of fun to be had out on the ice and snow. So leave yourself a chance to be stunned by the frozen beauty of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. 

Spain|Canary Islands 


A place well-known to Chinese for San Mao, the writer, and her husband used to settle here for quite some time. But set aside the literary craze and you'll find an spectacular wealth of dramatic landscapes, quaint pueblos, and breathtaking beaches that will wow you every time. 

 Scotland | Edinburgh 

There are celebrations in Edinburgh throughout December. You can pirouette in the open ice rink beside the castle, or take a stroll at Christmas markets nearby. Gigs, ceilidhs, fireworks, and Loony Dook for New Year party are also at your choice - if you are one of the lucky 100,000 who book ahead early! 

Ethiopia| Lalibela 


Ethiopia is the home of the earliest hominids on earth, boasting the oldest and most colourful history of any African kingdom. Lalibela was once considered the new Jerusalem and is now still a holy place holding astounding sacred sites ready for your exploration. 



One of the best things in winter is a steaming hot spring bath. If it's a bath with a view you're looking for, then Hakone is the answer. Viewing Fujiyama from Lake Ashi with red maples aside, trying black eggs at the Owakudani, and ending with a traditional Kaiseki dinner is sure to keep you warm through the whole winter. 

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