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Vantage Editor 2017-05-01 15:33



 Now is a good time to visit the Belgian capital, with the Brussels Jazz Marathon (May 26th- 28th) offering free concerts around town, and the Brussels Film Festival (June 16th-23rd). Head south to Leuven for its huge Rock Werchter pop festival (June 29th-July 2nd). The next Cat Festival, the bizarre event in Ypres, is held in May 2018. 



 This year's vicugna (a kind of wild alpaca) shearing festival known as a chacu takes place on June 19th. The event is an old inca tradition that gathers the animal together to collect their prized wool. The vicugna is protected by the Peruvian Government.



 This year Finland celebrates Midsummer Festival on June 24th. The celebration of the longest day of the year is one of Finland's most important events and sees residents light bonfires, meet with friends and family, and go swimming in the warm lakes. 

Japan | Kamakura 


 Althought mid to late June is the rainy season, it is a great time to see the hydrangeas in Kamakura's temples. Hasekannon, Tokeiji and Jojuin temples all have beautiful displays, but Meigetsuin, the 'Temple of Hydrangeas', perched on the side of the mountains, is the most famous. 

 China |Hong Kong 


 "Le French May" promotes French culture in Hong Kong and Macau between May and June each year, holding 120 events celebrating the arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, from painting to design, classical music to hip-hop, and from movies to circus performance. "Inventing Le Louvre: from Palace to Museum" will be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Museum from April 26th to July 24th. 



The Pan-Pacific Festival in Honolulu (June 9th - 11th) celebrates Hawaiian arts, performance and cuisine. Visitors can participate in the parade and block party, making this is a great fit for the whole family. All events are free to the public too! 



Visit the 'Valley of the Sun' to enjoy the wonders of nature in the hot and dry climate of Arizona. The arid atmosphere creates truly unique and beautiful plant landscapes. Head to the Desert Botanical Garden to get more insight, and enjoy their wonderful exhibtions, such as Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures. 

China | Shanghai 

The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held on June 17th to 26th. Every year film fans come to Shanghai to enjoy a high-density film feast. Walk into the Grand Cinema or Shanghai Theater to feel the ceremonial grandeur and the unique architecture. 

Israel|Tel Aviv 


Tel Aviv, Israel's second-largest city, is open, friendly, and is one of the most popular destinations for LGBT tourists. This June 9th it will hold its 19th gay pride parade to promote tolerance and freedom. Conveniently, Cathay Pacific Airways has opened direct air services between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. 

USA | Seattle 


The famous rain of Seattle will hopefully cease while the Seattle International Film Festival (May 18th - June 11th) shows hundreds of film for movie buffs. The weather should hopefully be comfortable for those taking part in the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon events (June 17 th - 18th). 

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