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Vantage Editor 2016-05-01 09:05

UK|Royal Ascot

The most important day in the horse racing calendar and one of the most important social events in the UK takes place from 14th - 16th June. Since 1711, Royal Ascot has been attended by the British Royal Family, who often arrive by horse-drawn carriage and royal procession. With over 300,000 people attending, media coverage often focuses more on the fashion, especially the elaborate hats, than actual racing!

Italy|Palio di Siena


The Palio di Siena is another horse race – but this Italian version is quite different to the Royal Ascot event in the UK! At Pailo di Siena, held twice a year on July 2nd and August 16th, the ten jockeys ride bareback around the Piazza del Campo, and are often thrown from their horses as they turn the tight bends. After three times round the square, the race is over in 90 seconds! 

Turkey| The Turquoise Coast


Now is a great time to visit the beautiful Turquoise coast. You can get a fascinating taste of history here. Visit the Roman theatre at Aspendos, before travelling through rolling hills, sampling the local olives, and visiting the towns along the Lycian coast. 

China|Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival


This year the Dragon Boat Festival, which takes place on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, falls on June 9th. You’ll see zongzi for sale, and it's the time to of course watch some Dragon Boat racing. For most of China the festival commemorates the death of the poet Qu Yuan (340 – 278 BC) who in despair drowned himself. 

Europe|Euro 2016 


From June 10th to July 10th, Europe will be football crazy and most bars will be full of cheering crowds as the UEFA European Championship kicks off. If you visit Europe at this time, be prepared for large-scale rambunctious revelry, as old rivals face each other in the stadiums of France. 

Peru|Inca Trail


May is one of the best months to visit Peru and to trek the Inca Trail to fascinating Macchu Picchu. The rainy season has just ended, so everything is a vibrant green, and the clearer days will provide better views, but come June it will start to get a bit crowded. After you’ve done the trail, experience the humidity of the Amazon at one of the many jungle lodges. 

Canada|Montreal Jazz Festival


As the biggest jazz festival in the world, starts on June 29th. Over two million visitors will visit the 15 concert halls and 10 outdoor stages to enjoy 1000 concerts and 3000 musicians from over 30 countries! You'll find more than just the biggest names in jazz performing here, as the diverse array of performances reflects the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. 

Portugal|Sweet Scents of the Algarve


The weather is great in the Algarve, Portugal, at this time of year and you can discover the red-cliffed coastline and idyllic whitewashed Moorish villages and orange groves. If you fall in love with the area, you can consider to buy a property there. They’re a great investment, and Aqua Overseas Investment make it easy. 

The UN|International Day of Families

The UN declared May 15th as the International Day of Families in 1993, with the aim of promoting awareness of issues affecting families, especially equality. This day highlights social and economic issues, and logo of a heart and a home is designed to reflect the importance of a stable family unit to society. 

Kenya|Spot the Big Five


Kenya enters its second dry season during these months, with temperatures around a pleasant mid-20 degrees, so if you want to go on safari, now is a great time to go. The Masai Mara is the most famous of the parks, but it would be well worth a visit to Hell’s Gate National Park where you take in the scenery by bike, or visit Lake Naivasha, home to a large population of hippos! 

Scandinavia|The Midnight Sun


It’s a great time to visit Scandinavia, with long, warm days and plenty of outdoor events. It is even warm enough to swim in the sea! Much has been written about the culinary revolution that is taking place across the region, which has flung off the pickled herring of the past and embraced new ideas from around the world, to create a new cuisine that is rather hard to define. 

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