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俞祎君 Aggi Yu 2017-03-01 09:36



 Valparaiso has a Mediterranean climate year round. This world cultural heritage city is old but vibrant, near sea and hill. One day’s journey should start from Plaza Sotomayor of Puerto. Visitors could walk up the hill, watch the streets of colourful walls with different styles of graffiti and meet Museo a Cielo Abierto and La Sebastiana. 

 Spain | Valencia 


 During Las Fallas, the streets are crowded with elaborate dolls that are made of wood, cardboard, and foam material by artists. The last day, the dolls will be burned to commemorate the birthday of the carpenter's patron Saint Jose is the high point of the holiday. 

 West Indies | Anguilla 


 Anguilla is located in the Eastern Caribbean, less than 10 miles from the northern part of Saint Martin Island. Here has 33 public beaches the emerald beautiful coral sea winds around, also the world famous Moonsplash Music Festival. 

Japan | Izu 


 Kawazu cherry blossom enjoys the reputation of a "Japan's first early cherry ". Besides enjoying flowers, the bloom of fireworks can be seen at sea. Since 1952, located in the entrance of the Izu peninsula, Atami’s skies light up as many maritime firework displays are held all year round. 

DC|Skagit Valley 


 Washington State has a wealth of natural resources in the American West, from the hills, desert, and live volcanoes to the temperate rain forest landscapes. Skagit Valley is North America's largest and the world's second-largest tulip producer. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is held here in April and is a truly stunning sight.

Vietnam | Da Nang 


Da Nang has more than 10 kilometers of coastline. My Khe beach is 900 metres long and is home to many seafood restaurants. Despite its turquoise waves and white sands, there are surprisingly few tourists. Also, you can’t miss Da Nang Cathedral here. 



When you walk in Braga in the northern part of Portugal, you can go to the most famous local scenic spots - Bom Jesus do Monte. In the Portugal's most ancient Christian city, which has a large number of churches, you will see the Sé de Braga built in 12th century which is Portugal's oldest Cathedral and the Capela dos Coimbras decorated with azulejo. 

China | Anhui 


The Qiyun Mountain is known as one of China's four famous Taoist mountains. In April, the hills here will be covered with yellow rape blossoms and the tier upon tier of corbie-steps. They set off the ancient villages with white walls and black tiles. 



The March of the northern hemisphere is far from the harvest season. Just while Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, the festival attracts many visitors to taste wine and enjoy spectacular views of the Andes. Mendoza is the base of outdoor activities as well. At Mendoza, if you stay a day of two, you can try to experience the real authentic Argentinian lifestyle. 



Nyingchi located in southeastern Tibet and east of Lhasa is called "South in Tibet". Every year from mid- March to late April, the trees in full bloom in the peach blossom when looking from afar like a glorious morning glow. Nyingchi peach blossom Festival started in 2002 is usually held in late March. 

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