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Vantage Editor 2016-03-01 15:07

Christian | Easter


Easter this year falls on March 27th and a number of hotels will be arranging traditional activities for children such as the classic egg hunt. The biggest Christian festival after Christmas, Easter passed almost unnoticed in China, but it’s starting to gain traction. Around the world people will be painting their boiled eggs at breakfast. 

Bhutan | International Day of Happiness


When the UN declared March 20th as the UN’s International Day of Happiness, they stated: “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”. The initiative came from The Kingdom of Bhutan, which values the Gross National Happiness of its citizens above the GNP. Don’t forget to do your part to make the world a happier place. 

Japan | Hanami picnics


The famous Cherry Blossom season now starts soon in Japan and you can follow the blossoms as they move slowly north. Large parties of people gather in the parks to enjoy the blossoms, making for a lively and social atmosphere. Eat dango, drink sake, and enjoy the fragrance in the air. 

China | Zhonghe Festival


The day that the dragon raises its head, as it is known, will be celebrated on March 10th this year and marks the first signs of spring. It’s considered bad luck to do housework during the Chinese New Year period so Zhonghe is traditionally the day you can start again, with some spring cleaning and getting a haircut, as well as eating dragon whiskers noodles and Chinese pancakes. 

India | Holi Festival


Known as the festival of colours, Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that is growing in popularity around other parts of the world. A celebration of love, the festival is also a riot of colour as people run and play and dance while throwing bright powders over each other. This festival, which celebrates the victory of good over evil, falls on March 23rd this year. 

Cape Verde | Eco Volcano Trip

This small island country off the west coast of Africa has been praised as exemplary among African nations for its stability and development. At this time of year it has very comfortable temperatures of around 22-27℃, making it a great time to explore the volcanic islands and enjoy the special culture here, including music that combines African and Brazilian influences, and local island cuisine. While eco-tourism is developing, you can also enjoy surfing, sailing, and trekking here. 

Ireland | St Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and his day has become the biggest and most well known celebration of any of the patron saints. A religious feast day since the 17th century, the day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as Irish culture. Tradition generally dictates wearing lots of green, and imbibing lots of alcohol, typically Guinness! 

   China, Inner Mongolia | The Prairie Scenery



Spring is a great time to visit China’s northern province of Inner-Mongolia, as the flowers bloom and the plains become a patchwork of colour. Vantage’s partner Aqua Travel is offering a trip to Inner Mongolia at the end of April so you can enjoy the grasslands, as well as watch a horse race, sand surf, and visit the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan. Visit www.aquatravel.com.cn to find out more. 

USA, Miami | The Beach View 

Go to Miami now before the wet season starts in May, and the Hurricane season arrives in June! Yes, it’s very much a tropical climate here, and the city is blessed with a rich art and entertainment scene as well as great beaches! Voted 'America’s Cleanest City' for the year-round great air quality, be sure to explore the famous Art Deco district in South Beach. 

Thailand | Songkran Water Festival


From April 13th- 15th Thailand sees in their New Year with the traditional ‘water festival’. The pouring of water represents the washing away of their sins and bad luck, and streets turn in to arenas for water fights. In Bangkok, the largest parties are on Silom Road and Khao San Road. 

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