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Vantage Editor 2017-07-01 15:53

UK | Edinburgh 


 The Edinburgh International Festival in August always has a lively, creative, and open atmosphere every year. As anyone can perform, the program is very diverse, and you will often see very innovative works as they appear on stage for the first time. With Edinburgh castle as a backdrop, this is one of the most eclectic art and cultural events in the world. 

Sweden | Stockholm 


More than a dozen museums in Stockholm have dropped their admission fees so you can now visit these museums for free. There are also many music festivals in Stockholm throughout the year, so whether you’re a lover of jazz, guitar, or opera, you’ll find amazing performances to suit your tastes. 

USA | Wyoming 


On Aug. 21st, the US will witness its first total solar eclipse in 38 years. One of the best places will be in the Grand Teton National Park, which will experience blackout for 140 seconds. The park is far from light pollution to give you an amazing experience. 

China | Taitung 


Colourful hot air balloons will fill the sky of Taitung from June 30th until August 6th. But don't just watch, you can experience a flight and soak up the scenery of the valley below. The festival also includes music concerts and a summer camp. The festival has been one of the biggest in the world. 



 If you want to do a bit of wildlife watching this summer then the Great Migration in Kenya is surely an event not to be missed. At the Laikipia National Park you can see elephants and lions while avoiding the crowds of the better-known reserves. Since everybody knows Maasai, the Samburu also has unique jumping rituals and exquisite beads. 

Japan | Yokohama 


Yokohama’s Chinatown will play host to a celebration of the birth of Guan Yu (Kanwu), a Chinese hero and ‘God of Business’, remembered at the Kantei-byo Shrine on July 17 th this year. The celebration sees Chinese gongs and drums, firecrackers, a parade, and dragon dancing, making for a lively street atmosphere. 

Iceland | Reykjavik 


Reykjavik's 'Cultural Night', or 'Menningarnótt' in Icelandic, is held on the first Saturday after August 19th. Created by the city council, there are variety of music and concerts and other events that of course culminate in a big fireworks display. The event has gotten so big it now rivals Iceland's national day celebrations. 


First impression of Kazakhstan might be of an oil state. It has recently been working on building a high-end destination, with St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton opening in Astana. The Tianshan entered World Heritage Site and the 2017 World Expo will start here with the theme "Future Energy". 

China | Qingdao 


The Qingdao Beer Festival lasts 16 days from July 12th to the 27th. Along with the Czech Beer Festival, Oktoberfest and the Sapporo Oktoberfest in Japan, Qingdao Beer Festival is one of the world's largest beer festival. Festivals feature a series of performances and drinking competitions.




Vancouver’s ‘Celebration of Light’ fireworks display is one of the highlights of the summer. For three nights at the end of July fireworks will light up the sky over the Bay of England, as one of the world's oldest fireworks competitions is from Japan, the UK and Canada competing to be crowned fireworks champion. 

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