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Guam belongs to America's overseas territories, a famous tourist island. The island has high temperatures and rains throughout the year, however, January to May is the 'dry' season. Although it belongs to the USA, the island is full of Japanese flavour, the people are not fluent in English and some services are only in Japanese. 

New Zealand | Wellington


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, its second largest city. Together with Sydney and Melbourne it makes up the cultural center of Oceania. Wellington is famous for its beautiful natural harbour and green hills. The hillside is dotted with the colonial legacy tiled houses. Wellington city has many historic buildings; and the central business district is located near the harbour. Hobbit fans, you can watch a Movie Tour of Lord of the Rings in Victoria Park. 

Taiwan, China | Kenting

Kenting is Taiwan's most important tourist site. Beyond its blue sky and white clouds, Kenting has beautiful natural scenery of grasslands and mountains, and is an ecological protection zone. Riding on the road, in addition to the scenic experience, the people were really friendly. 

USA | Little Havana


This block in Miami is home to immigrants from South America, especially Cuba, so they've named it "Havana". Ever since the Cuba Blockade, this is a good place to buy Cuban cigars. For security considerations, it's best not to go alone. You might like to try a famous Cuban restaurant here, the Versailles. 

China | Wenchang

 Wenchang is one of three historic towns in Hainan. Wenchang, Haikou and Sanya are all important tourist and cultural centers. Wenchang City tourist attrations are a rich set of sun, sea, sand, vegetation, clean air and island-style, together making this one of Hainan's Provincial Tourism powerhouses. East Qiong has the best peak on the island, Tonggu Lin is also known for its high peaks, and the cloud Longwan undersea natural Park is known as the "Chinese Great Barrier Reef". 

Spain | Ibiza


From the Bohemian old city to the well-known nightclub scene, Ibiza has infinite charm for those who love a bar and music culture. Pacha is one of the most famous clubs on the island and is listed amongst the ten best nightclubs in the world. If you go to this club remember to dress-up, you might find some super-star standing beside you. 

Australia | Gold Coast 


The Gold Coast is located in southern Queensland. To the east is sea, to the west mountains and it has sunshine all year round. Golden beaches, lush tropical rain forests and a variety of activities attract millions of visitors here for their holidays. The most famous beaches are Surfers Paradise, Broad beach and Maine's beach. 

Malaysia | Penang

Penang was the first city in Malaysia. As it was once the British East India Company’s trading base, Penang has hundreds of years of shipping and trade history, but the island is also full of greenery, which is why it is known as the “the emerald in Indian Ocean”. 

Thailand | Pattaya



Pattaya is located on the east coast on the Gulf of Thailand, about 160 k ilometers f rom Bangkok. Pattaya was once a small fishing village. Now it is famous for its beach and sunshine, and is known as “the eastern Hawaii”, plus it has a great nightlife. 

Egypt | Alexandria


Egypt’s second largest city, known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea”. Although there are not many old cities ruins, Alexandria still retains a strong Mediterranean style with old European residences, a variety of old cafes and Greek and Romam remains. It also has the famous Alexandria library, the world’s second largest collection of books, re-built on the original ancient site of the first Alexandria library and recently renovated. 

Greece | Crete


Crete is the largest Greek island. Here, visitors can enjoy the remnants of a brilliant civilization, explore the beautiful beaches and impressive mountains, walk through the fertile valleys and steep canyons, rivers and lakes, and also many environmental protection zones. 

UAE | Dubai


In Dubai, local residents pray five times a day, but, you can also find a bar culture here. The more open Western ideas are mixed with the Islamic ethics, leaving you caught as if in the midst of a huge Rubik's cube, awaiting some surprises. Dubai has become a modern city in a very short time. It could be a short transit stopping off place, or a crazily good shopping opportunity. 

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