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Australian cuisine draws inspiration from its diversified culture. Every year the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in late March holds more than 250 food-related events, and embodies the locals’ fascination with food and wine. Meanwhile, hundreds and thousands of “foodies” flock to the city to test their delicate taste buds.

EGYPT |  Cairo 


The pyramids are Egypt's architectural spectacle that attracts tourists from all over the world. Wherever you are in the city– on the downtown overpass, in a restaurant, on the mountaintop, or on a coach bus… the gigantic pyramids jump into view and remind you their prominence on the historic land.



The Cook Islands constitute 15 small islands. Aitutaki is most favoured by tourists. Here you can forget the lapse of time and plunge yourself in the embrace of ocean. The best way to reach the island nation is a flight to Rarotonga via Sydney. 



Kochi Prefecture on the south coast of Shikoku faces the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a mild winter. From November to next March, Cape Muroto is known for the mirages of “roly-poly” sunrises and sunsets – caused by the refraction of light under temperature difference between sea and atmosphere, which turns the sun into images of snowmen.



If you wish to experience a white winter, then taking the tourist- oriented “Snow Train” from North Shenyang (Shenyangbei) to Songjiang River (Songjianghe) is the best choice. Adapted from the traditional ‘Green Train’, the trip departs at night and arrives at Changbai Mountain the next morning, and offers astounding snow views along the way. The train operates until 23rd February.



Although the snow still covers mountain ridges in March, the roadside flowers start to bloom. Experienced hikers come for Annapurna Base Camp Circuit. Ordinary travellers can take a close look at the splendid Annapurna and Machapuchare mountains.



The Mediterranean city of Menton sits at the south-eastern tip of France. Bathed in sunshine all year round, Menton is a centre of art and history, as well as “the city of lemons”. This year the Lemon Festival will be held from 28th February to 3rd March, featuring dazzing lemon sculptures.

CHINA | Guangxi Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is mainly formed by volcano magma and coral residuals. It rises in the south and descends to the north. The sea water is accompanied by marvellous abrasions and deposition landforms. During the mid-February, Weizhou Island will be crowded with Spring holiday travellers.



Most first-time visitors choose the capital city Lisbon as their first stop in Portugal. However, the second largest city of Porto is worth no less attention. Porto takes pride in its charming cobblestone streets, magnificent ancient architecture and firstrate wine regions. The accommodation prices here are also competitive, since tourists have not popularized its scenic attractions.

FRANCE丨Région Centre- Val de Loire


Val de Loire used to be a major residence for French kings, and thus Région Centre-Val de Loire became famous for its Renaissance castles. 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Leonado Da Vinci’s death in Château du Clos Lucé. In 2019 the region will hold more than 700 events on commemorating the French Renaissance.

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