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Vantage Editor 2018-02-01 10:18

Italy| Umbria 


Umbria combines classic, modern and futurism. After appreciating Giotto’s paintings in Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, it sounds like an excellent idea to visit Lake Trasimene where the Second Punic War took place. And while people all over the world celebrate Valentine's Day, few know that Terni is St. Valentine's hometown. 

Tanzania | Kilimanjaro 


The dry warm seasons between January and March are the best times to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is full of greenery and the rainy season has not yet come. Machame Route is recommended to junior climbers. Complete vegetation belt can be seen along the way. 

China | Qinghai 

Qinghai Lake is iced over in the winter months. This is the time when you can step on the ice and reach the island in the centre of the lake. Apart from walking, you can also take a tricycle or vehicle to reach the isle, but to ensure safety, do not walk alone. 

Egypt | Nile 


Nile boat tour peak period is from December to February. It's not suitable to take part in the boat cruise when the temperature in summer can reach as high as 40℃. No event is more symbolic of its identity than Cruise. Tourists come aboard in Luxor to explore old Egyptian civilization. 

Spain |Canary Islands 


A festival called Las Palmas Carnival is held on the Canary Islands every year when the apricot trees are in full blossom. It's a gathering of gorgeous costume dances and music. The carnival starts officially on January 26th and lasts until February 18th. The theme for the 2018 carnival is “Magic and Fantastic Creatures”. 

China | Yunnan 


Deep in Ailao Mountains, The size of Nanuo terrace is smaller than the size of Yuanyang terrace. The sea of clouds can be seen almost all time, while the best moments to appreciate the terrace is in spring. Rising mist covers the terrace, making it look like a fairyland. 

South Pole 


The most important tourist season of South Pole lasts from December to January. During that time, daylight lasts for 20 hours attracting a huge number of tourists. The low season is the best time to watch whales and observe penguin chicks molting from a safe distance. 

USA | Hawaii 

The weather becomes pleasant from December to March. Meanwhile, waves appear on the north of Oahu islands attracting master surfers around the world. Fans of The Jurassic World must not miss Kaaawa which is one of the shooting locations. 

Mexico|Mexico City 


A trip to Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is a chance to witness wonder in February. Monarchs’ migration route is a trip between Mexico and Canada lasting eight months. During migration, butterflies covering the sky like an orange blizzard. 

Japan |Gifu 


The Lighting ceremony, which lasts from mid-January to late-February, is held in Shirakawa-go in snow-capped Gifu. When shadows lengthen, the view is the combination of snow and light. The waves of light come round the snow-wrapped hut, and dreams rise in your mind. 

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