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From the November toDecember low season,vacationing in tropicalislands is one ofthe best choices. Moreand more luxuriousprojects are floodingin the southernmostfishing island of Vietnam– Phu Quoc. Heredreamy white-sandbeaches, fresh seafoodand dense rainforestshave made it one of thehottest holiday resortson earth.




Snowy Finland is perfect for stargazing and wintersports, for example, hiking and skiing. Here, 40national parks cover the isles, lakeland, forests andmountains. During winter, different sorts of “whitesports” enrich the life of the local, entertaining touristsfrom all over the world.





Ras Al Khaimah borders Oman and is the northernmostemirate of UAE, with a 45-minute ride fromDubai International Airport. The splendid sceneriesand landscapes offer tourists with versatile outdoorexperiences with water sport, desert camping, andmountain sport.



CHINAQuanzhou, Fujian


Quanzhou, located in southern Fujian, is the origin of Hokkien culture and starting point of Maritime Silk Road. The West Street accumulates the Buddhist Kaiyuan Temple, the Islamic Ashab Mosque, the Taoist Guanyue Temple, Confucius Temple, and the Mazu Tianhou Temple.



RUSSIALake Baikal


Sealed in ice, Lake Baikal in Russia satisfies your ultimate fantasy of the North. Olkhon Island is the best place to appreciate the famous blue ice, while Listvyanka on the lakeside offers a wide range of snow activities. Besides, visitors with a World Cup Fan ID can enter Russia without a visa before December 31st this year.





The most attractive natural scenery of the Republic of Ecuador belongs to Cotopaxi. As one of the highest, active volcanoes, Cotopaxi is covered in ice and snow above 4,700 metres of altitude. Climbers finish a round trip to the mountaintop within two days.





Marina Bay in Singapore takes prides in its signature skyline. The magnificent New Year Countdown is a must experience for all. After having fun in Marina Bay Carnival in the daytime, join the crowd and welcome the coming new year as night falls and gorgeous fireworks light up the sky!




Monaco is the definite destination for tourists to do some quality shopping. Cultivated in the warm and humid Mediterranean air, it is perfect for travel all year round. Besides endless shopping choices, it also provides haute cuisine and spa experiences.



JAPAN Kanagawa


Enoura Observatory in Kanagawa is known as Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “definitive masterpiece”. It stands on a cliff and faces the ocean, comprising many function rooms. The most amazing part of the building is the Winter Solstice Observation Tunnel. When the winter solstice comes, the sunshine casts through the narrow metal tunnel, as if visiting the origin of world.



CHINAKarst Topography


Kanas region is located in Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang. Namely “a beautiful and mysterious place” in Mongolian, Kanas in winter attracts visitors with breath-taking vast snowfield and birch forest. Every year Kanas holds a series of ethnic sport events, including snow-jumping, fur skiing, snowfield horseracing, Kok Boru, Kyz Kuu and archery.

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