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Vantage Editor 2018-04-01 15:53

Peru | Cusco 


Cusco, the centre of the ancient Incan Empire, gives you a glimpse of its former glory days. If you want to experience more, you can take Belmont trains starting from Cusco and heading to Arequipa along one of the highest tracks. You can have Peruvian food while enjoying Andes scenery during the journey. 

Morocco | Ouarzazate 


Marathon des Sables in early April covers over 250 kilometres and is held in the southern Moroccan city of Ouarzazate. Changeable weather can make temperatures reach 49℃ at midday and sand and dust storms makes the marathon more difficult. 

Italy | Matera 


Matera is a province facing the Ionian Sea. Sassi, extraordinary caves, were unearthed and served as havens and abbeys for Byzantine and Benedictine monks and was named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1994. 

Austria | Tyrol 


Tyrol in winter is a paradise for skiing with its magnificent peaks and sparkling ponds. That being said, sports-lovers can also enjoy the nature to their content in spring and summer. Rhine Gorge, Karwendel Mountains and Tux Alps are the best places for hiking, biking, and swimming. 

Costa Rica 


Boasting 40% old-growth forests, Costa Rica is far from the hustle and bustle. Corcovado National Park, which having rich biological diversity, lies on Osa Peninsula facing South Pacific Ocean and is the feast for the eyes. Numerous vegitation, plentiful insects of rainforests make you feel that you are in a hidden paradise. 

Kazakhstan | Almaty 


Kazakhstan boasts abundant and untouched natural scenery. Almaty Lake lies on the border of Kyrgyzstan, one-hour drive from the downtown area. Kaindy Lake nearby is famous for its clear water, spruce trunks, and underwater forests. 


On Hydra, mules serve as the main transport due to lack of cars. The clear sound of mules’ hooves on cobble roads matches well with Grecian white walls. You can have the chance to see shipwrecks dating back to 2200BC on the west waters of this romantic island. 

Nicaragua | Ometepe Island 

There are two volcanoes on Ometepe Island. Blanketed with green colour, both tower into high sky. Volcano Concepcion is active while Maderas is dormant. After walking up the rainforests full of alouattas, you can reach lagoons surrounded with clouds. 



The most joyous festival in Catalan, Saint George, falls on April 23rd. It comes from the legend that Saint George saved the local princess and inhabitants. Antonio Gaudi got inspiration fromit and designed Casa Batlló. This day is also World Book and Copyright Day, you can see stands with roses and books. 

Chile|Easter Island 


Easter Island is a small island named after the day it was discovered- Easter. Travelling here, you cannot miss Moai. Moai refers to more than 600 mysterious boulders with human heads. Remember not to walk on altars with sculptures as in case of damage you would have to pay extremely high penalty fees. 

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