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Barcelona Design

Ashley Greenwood 2016-05-23 10:22

Aname synonymous with Barcelona is the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi, whose works are not only dotted throughout the city, but in the case of Sagrada Familia, dominate the skyline and tower above its residents. It would be impossible to talk about Barcelona’s design, or even its creative identity, without mentioning in large part the legacy of Gaudi. 


Gaudi was the leading figure of ‘Catalan Modernism’, a style distinctive not only of his own individuality, but also that of Barcelona – the two have become invariably conjoined. It draws on the influences that are unique to Spain, namely the Arab and Medieval styles that are found throughout much of the country.



Gaudi’s Park Güell was originally to be part of a housing project that didn’t materialize, and has been described by Gaudi biographer Gijs van Hensbergen as a “living essay on Catalan nationhood and Catholic piety”. The structural design of the park is incredibly rich and is great example of the inspiration of organic shapes in Gaudi’s work. 

Barcelona Pavillion


In 1929, Barcelona held the International Exposition at which the architect Mies van der Rohe unveiled to the world one of the most important works of architecture as well as one of the defining pieces of modernism. Originally named the German Pavilion, it was intended to demonstrate Germany’s progression since WW1, and provide a glimpse of the future. At the end of the exposition, the building was torn down. However using old photos and original plans, a group of Spanish architects reconstructed the pavilion permanently in the 1980s. 

Lazaro Rosa Violán


Lazaro opened his studio in Barcelona in 2002. There, he forged a new style - bridging his background of painting into the new realm of design. His strengths are found in his use of structure, shape, and an acute sense of space. More than spaces, Lazaro creates atmospheres. ¨I am a painter, traveller, and creator of atmospheres¨ he says. 

Antoni Arola


Barcelona is known for being a city of interior designers. One of the best-known names today is Antoni Arola, who specializes in interior and industrial design. His understated and restrained designs can be seen around Barcelona, such as at the Oven Bar. 

Joan Miro Foundation


Joan Miro's style was very much individual, yet also very Catalonian. Many of his works demonstrate an organic style influenced by the Medieval and Arab styles he would have grown up with. The Joan Miro Foundation holds 104,000 pieces in its spectacular building in Montjuic, designed by Josep Lluis Sert, an architect from Barcelona and friend of Miro. 

BD Barcelona


BD Barcelona was established over 40 years ago by a group of passionate architects and designers. In their showroom they exhibit pieces that have been reproduced from plans of well-known designers and artists, such as furniture by Gaudí and Dalí, Tusquets chair and pieces from Jaime Hayón and Martí Guixé, among other contemporary designers. 



Koetania is a contemporary jewellery store that offers a very unique shopping experience. Designer Daniel Bellido along with architect Marta S. Blanco make tailor-made pieces that the client helps to design. In their shop in the Poble Sec area of Barcelona customers can see the production room in the back. 



Ailanto is a Spanish brand known for the exciting fabric and color combinations, as well as for the geometric shapes displayed in their clothing. Founded by twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz in 1995, they’ve become an internationally recognizable brand with just two very exclusive boutiques in the world, in Barcelona and Madrid. In 2005 Ailanto became a member of the prestigious Spanish Fashion Creators Association (ACME). 

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