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A Maze of Lakes

钟彤悦 Anna Zhong 2018-10-08 17:36

Speaking of where the national spirit of Finland is originated, one has to mention the dense forest, the mountain ranges, and unmistakably the sparkling, crystal-clear lakes in the centre of the country. A journey to the lake district is an adventure to discovere the soul of the Finnish.


Two colours spring into your eyes if you choose to drive around the country: blue and green. Hundreds and thousands of azure blue lakes are companied by endless ranges of green forest, and henceforth entitle the nation with the moniker “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. In fact, the title is too humble to be true – there are altogether 188,000 lakes in Finland. From the urban area around Helsinki to the Inari of Lapland, blue lakes are literally everywhere.


Joy upon the Lake

Finns have always thought of themselves closely related to water, which is also a source of income for many of them. The biggest lake Saimaa located in south-eastern Finland, consists of 4,380 square kilometres of lake and narrow canals. Most of the lake is spotted with islands, on which reside the endangered freshwater Saimaa ringed seal.


Hopping on a comfortable cruise ship to tour around the inland canals is definitely the most relaxing way to appreciate the natural wonders of Finland. The famous Olavinlinna castle is built upon one of the islands in Saimaa.


Sailing and camping are the best ways to tour around the lake area. If you are a fan of canoeing, then visit the canoeing-friendly Linnansaari National Park!

Sauna Is a Lifestyle

The Finns not only reside in the lake areas, but also build countless sauna rooms and houses beside the water. The “water-oriented” lifestyle becomes evident, if you take a look at the map of the country – in such a land surrounded by water, it’s never boring to get close to the flowing liquid.


What’s a Mökki? Mökki is a summer cottage on a lake island. It’s serene. It’s soothing. It’s the full embrace of tranquil water and refreshing air. It’s like nothing else, but gives you everything you ask.


Finland’s numerous lake areas give birth to the Mökkis – also known as the treasure of the Finns. Whenever vacation time comes, local families rush to the Mökkis. Here you can immerse your feet in the cool water, relax yourself in an hour-long gaze at the view around. This is a private moment reserved for you only: plunge yourself into nature!

Fun on the Island Jewels

The islands in the lake district are like a charming piece of jewellery. The thousands of gems and pearls compose a colourful picture of livelihood and maritime culture. Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is also one of the places that enamours visitors with oceanic charisma.


Beaches, handicraft markets, town activities, cafes, boutique shops… Coastal towns in Finland are as picturesque as any other travel resorts in the summertime.

During vacation, Finns often escape from the madding crowd and spend some quality time with close friends or family members. In summer, they head for lakeside villas, boating, canoeing, fishing, barbeque…and unquestionably taking sauna bath and swimming, which are regular activities during their vacation.


In winter, however, the frozen lake surface becomes another landscape for fun: skating and snow-biking. Ice fishing is also popular, especially during early spring. For adventurers, dig a hole in the lake and plunge into the icy water – if you dare.

In conclusion, the mysterious Northern European country never disappoints you in any season – it’s exceptionally gorgeous, breathtakingly charming, and incredibly pure.

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