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Australia: A Carriage with A View

王烨昇 Johnny Wang 2017-01-01 16:02

To call this journey epic would not be an overstatement. It covers the rugged outback, traversing the entire coast from north to south and east to west. We will gradual - ly seize a moment away from the bustling world and take a chance to explore the vast hinterland - Red Centre with trains shuttling between cities, along the meandering coastline, to the arid, dusty inland plains.


Compared to travelling by air, a train journey allows you to experience the wide expanse of the land beneath, and bringing you closer to native hospitality as well as the diversity of the reddish land that glows.

The carriages run through fertile farmland in central New South Wales, and we hop off halfway at the famous golden-green "Sunny Belt" where the magnificent Broken Hill, remote outposts and mining towns, are located. We almost have jumped on the train to cross the northern humid tropical zone for a view at the splendid seascape waves. If you march along the endless beach, you’ll be on an expedition through adjoining sugarcane plantations and lush rainforests.

In addition, there’s also another option of taking the legendary "Ghan" , from north to south through the red desert in central Australia, or taking the magnificent "India - Pacific" line which departs from Sydney and drives all its way across the southern continent to the west coast, measuring about over 4000km full distance. Of course, there’re also shorter trips lasting an hour or less allowing you to be amazed by raw rainforests, imposing mountains or the vast expanse of land, or the other unique landscapes of the west.


Such experience differs vastly from our usual journeys, as we would certainly be astonished by the cozy cabins travelling in the vast desert, the desolation of inland cities, and the friendly faces of the local children as they wave to you. With the heat, aridness and dust everywhere on the outside, inside the train is completely another world. Furnished with exquisite decoration and equipment, the designers must have ensured they made the best of every details of the cabin only to satisfy our comfort needs, reminding you of the comfort of staying home on a rainy day. The dining car offers delicious dishes and most of the trains are equipped with bars and lounges. If you're lucky, you may while away the time sharing experiences with adventurers from all over the world.


Indian Pacific

This epic 3-day train trip starts at Sydney, and takes you through the Blue Mountains, and travel almost 500 kilometres through the stark Nullarbor Plain to stop at Perth.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

While some travellers lament the dark tunnels and rocky crags, most agree that the incredible gorges, lush forests, and roaring waterfalls make this 90 minute experience worth the journey.



The journey takes you from Brisbane to Cairns, or from Brisbane to Rockhampton.The Tilt Train is fast becoming the most popular way to explore Queensland's wealth of coastal destinations in comfort and style.


Enjoy freshly brewed Billy tea on this historic train when you go from the World Heritage Tropical Rainforest to the Queensland Tropical Savills and the vast inland.


The Ghan

The Ghan takes you deep into the heart of Australia. From Adelaide to Darwin, or you can leave at the rust-red MacDonnell Ranges around Alice Spring, passing Ayers Rock and the Red Centre north to Tennant Creek, Katherine, and Darwin.

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