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Aqua Media(in this Privacy Policy refers to the Shanghai Aqua Advertising & Media Co., Ltd. and its affiliates, hereinafter referred to as "we") attach great importance to the protection of users' personal information and privacy, so we have developed a Privacy Policy covering how to collect, store, use, share and protect user information.We hope that this Privacy Policy will provide you a clear idear about how we handle with your personal information, this Privacy Policy is related with your use of our products and/or services, please complete read and thoroughly understand the  Privacy Policy, and make appropriate choices accordingly before using all products and/or services of Aqua Media. If you do not agree with any of the contents of this Privacy Policy, you shall immediately cease to use all products and/or services of the Aqua Media. The usage of any our products and/or services will show that you accept the full contents of this Privacy Policy.


1. Scope and Application of This Privicy Policy


All products and services of Aqua Media shall be governed by this Privicy Policy, however specific products /or services will also apply to specific privacy policy, we will explain to you before providing you with the specific product and/or service.


Unless stated expressly referred to in this Privacy Policy, it does not apply to any products and/or services provided by a third party independently access through our products and/or service, for example, any products shown in the search results, links to other websites in our website, etc. Please note that if you are using a third party product and/or services and provide your personal information, it shall apply the third party's privacy policy statement or similar policy, we will not bear any legal responsibility to any improper use or disclose of your information by a third party in such circumstances.


2. The Information We May Collect


In order to provide you with better and more personalized products and services,we may collect personal identification information from you in a variety of ways:


2.1 The information you provide to us, including, but not limited to:


(1) The information when you register a membership account include name, mobile phone number, age, industry, title, name and email address, and create password.


(2) When you use Aqua Medias specific products or services (such as payment, purchase products or services, navigation, etc.), in order to receiving products and servicing, you also need to provide us with your real name, gender, date of birth, ID number, common information such as address, bank CARDS, photo and profile, in addition to the registration information.


(3) We may also record the information that you provide, form or retain in the use of our products /or services in order to improve our products and services,such as, your browsing and searching records, device information, location information, order information, extracting your browsing & searching preferences, behavior habits, location information and other characteristics.


(4) Some certain personal information (such as your race, religion, personal health, medical information, etc.) may be considered as sensitive personal information due to its particularity. Any information uploaded or posted by yourself (information such as the photo about your social activities, for example) when you are using our products and/or services, please be careful to the information that may disclose your personal information


2.2   The information we may collect during the time you are using  any of our product or service:


We may collect information about your using of products and/or services (including usage), including but not limited to:


(1) Equipment information. In order to provide better products and/or services and to improve the user experience, we will collect equipment information (such as equipment type, operating system version, set the software and hardware characteristic information, the only device identifier, etc), equipment location information (such as IP addresses, GPS location and can provide information about wi-fi access point, bluetooth and base stations and other sensor information)We may associate them to information gathered from your various devices so that we can provide them with a consistent service on these devices. We may associate your device information or phone number with your member account.


(2) Log information. When you use our product or service provided by our website or app, we will automatically collect your detailed usage of our service as the relevant network log. For example, your search query content, IP address, browser type, telecom operator, language used, access date and time, and the web page you visited.


(3) Local storage. We might use mechanisms such as browser network storage (including HTML5) and application data caching to gather information on your device and store it locally.


(4) Tools such as cookies and anonymous identifiers. The main function of cookies is to make it easy for you to use web products and/or services, and to help websites count the number of independent visitors.Using cookie technology, tidal domain media can provide you with a more thoughtful personalized service and allow you to set your specific service options. You will send cookies to your device when you use a product or service from a tidal domain media. When you provided to partner with us service (such as advertising and/or promotion service, and may show on other website services provided by the tide field media) interact, we allow cookies or anonymous identifier is sent to the domain of media server.


All of the above data is anonymous. At the same time, we will encrypt the information to ensure the security of the information.


2.3  Information from third parties


To provide you with the product/service, or to improve the quality of the products and services and personalized degree or due to concerns about the safety of products and services such as reasonable need, we will be in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or based on your authorization from affiliates, members, partners, and other trusted third party suppliers, service providers and resellers in receiving your personal information and other information.


3. How We May Use The Information


We may use the collect information for the following basic purposes:


3.1 To provide and improve products and services.


We use the collect information to provide and improve products and services by us and our affiliates, partners, and other trusted third party suppliers, service providers and agents, and make the necessary business operations, such as operating products or providing services, evaluation, maintenance and improve the performance of the product or service, participating in the activities of market research about our products and services, the development of new products or services, providing customer service, etc.


To improve products and services by us and by our affiliate partners and other trusted third party service suppliers and agents, we will also make statistics and analysis on product usage at the same time, these statistical information may be shared with the public media, to show the overall trend of using of our service, however, these statistics will not contain any of your identity information.


3.2 To provide personalized products and services.


Through the use of the information, Aqua Media will be able to provide you with customized content, such as presentting or recommending more relevant information  (rather than a general push), the flow of information or advertising/promotion information.


We might put your information in the combination with other services in Aqua Media  (including personal information), in order to better meet your individual needs (for example, allows you to get more personalized recommendations).


You shall agree to authorize us to share the necessary information with our affiliates, alliance members, or other partners in order to increase overall personalization of products or services to you.


3.3 To communicate with you and make  the communication content more personalize.


By using the information we collected, we will  recommend the content to you which you may be interested in, including but not limited to send  products and services information to you, or through the system to show you individualized third-party promotion information, or subject to your approval, we will share the information with Aqua Media's affiliates, partners, and other trusted third party suppliers to send you information about its products and services.


We may also use information to send important notice, such as the change of  the relevant terms, conditions and policies of the Aqua Media. As such information is critical to your communication with us, it is recommended that you receive and read such information.


3.4 To safeguarding the legal rights and benefits


We may use your information for authentication, customer service, security monitoring, fraud, credit analysis, etc., to preventing, finding, investigating fraud, safety hazards, illegal or any behavior in violation of the agreement with our policies or rules, and to protecting the legal rights of you and our other users, we or our affiliates, partners, and other trusted third party suppliers, service providers, agents, as well as the interests of the public.


3.5 To access and update your information through other method you athurized


Whenever you use our products and/or services, we will do everything possible to ensure that you have access to your account information. If the account registration information is wrong, we will try to provide a variety of ways to let you quickly update or delete the account information (unless we must keep this information for legitimate business or legal reasons). When accessing, updating, correcting and deleting the aforementioned information, we may require you to do authentication to ensure the security of the information in your account.


4. The Information We May Share


4.1 We will not provid your personal  information to others without your ocnsent, except for the following circumstances:   


(1) In order to implement the listed purpose of "how we may use the collected information", we will share your information with our affiliates based on principles of necessity, in order to improve overall Aqua Media and its associated companies providing of personalized and high quality products and services.


(2) Subject to your authorization,  a third party has a legitimate and the premise of justifiable reasons, we will share your information with the alliance members, partners, and other trusted third party suppliers, service providers and agents, so that the third party can improve the service quality and personalized service.


(3) To perform the obligations and exercise our rights written in Aqua Media Services Agreement, this Privacy Policy, User Agreement by using Aqua Media and its affiliates products and/or services and the Rules of the Platform .


When we share your information, we will urge the affiliates, members, partners, or other trusted third party suppliers, service providers and agents to comply with this  Privacy Policy, and demand them to tke relevant measures to deal with the above information.


4.2 You shall agree and understand, if we or our affiliates involved in merger, division or liquidation, assets or business to buy or sell transactions, your personal information as part of the deals likely and transferred, we will ensure the confidentiality of such information at the time of transfer, and try to ensure that the restraint of other privacy policy after the transfer.


4.3 We may also visit, use, retain or disclose your information in order to achieve the following purposes:


(1) Comply with any requirement of applicable laws and regulations, court ruling or judgment, or mandatory requirements of government organs.


(2) Implement applicable service terms (including investigation of possible violations).


(3) Serach, prevent or deal with fraud, security or technical issues.


(4) Under the laws and regulations requirement or permission, in order to protect  our customers rights and interests of the public, property or safety from damages, as well as our users, us or our affiliates, and our employees.


5. Information Security


We attach great importance to information security, please understand that, as a result of the limitation of technology in the Internet industry and the rapid increase and possible means of all kinds of malicious attacks, even if we do our utmost to strengthen security measures, it is still impossible to keep the information hundred percent safty. Please understand that, the systems and communication networks,  when using our products and/or services, may have security problems due to other factors which is beyond our control.


6. Products or Service Used By Minors


We attach great importance to the protection of minors' information. If you are under the age of 18 minors, you are advised to request your guardian to read this Privacy Policy, and get your guardians consent to use our products and/or services or to provide information to us.


7. Intellectual Property


7.1 Aqua Media owns the copyright of all the materials in this website, and each sub-channel has the right to declarate its own specific provision. Any authorized browsing, copying, printing and dissemination of information belonging to this website must meet the following conditions:


(1) All information and images are for the purpose of obtaining information;


(2) All information and images shall not be used for commercial purposes;


(3) All information, images and any part must include this copyright notice;


(4) The intellectual property rights of all products, technologies and all procedures of this website belong to Aqua Media, which is not authorized in this website.


7.2 You shall not have the right to modify the content of this website or expressly agree to copy, reprint, distribute, disseminate, link, frame or deep link to such content on any other website without the explicit consent. You shall not, without prior written consent, distribute, disseminate, copy or publish any part of the information electronically or in any other methods.


7.3 The use of any trademark on this website does not mean that the owner of such trademark has any connection with this website or any recognition of this website.


7.4 We respect intellectual property rights, oppose and crack down on ipr infringement. If the holder of the intellectual property right believes that we may commit any infringing on his/her intellectual property rights and interests, s/he can contact us, we will correct is upon receiving the holder of the intellectual property right in qualified notice according to the corresponding laws and regulations and rules of the platform.


8. Disclaimer


You are reminded to read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before using our website and related products. You may choose not to use this website, however, if you use this website, it will be deemed to be recognized as the full content of this  Privacy Policy.


8.1 Any website by using the link of our website are made by a third party, which you may get products, information, service, or receiving messages, or exchanging  derivative of alternatives to the purchase cost of the goods and services, and your transport or data from unauthorized access to or alteration, we will not take responsibility or legal liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages, derivatives penalty.


8.2 You shall take the risk of using this website. Aqua Media doesn't do any form of guarantee on that the website information, products and service will meet your requirements, or the information, products and services and their use and the results of undisturbed, provide timely, accurate, safe and reliable, or free from error.


8.3 Aqua Media is not responsible for, also does not undertake any losses for any accident , error, omission, negligence, interference, sent mistake, virus infection by downloading, slander, contract damage, copyright or intellectual property infringement caused by using this website.


9. Revision And Restatement.


We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, which shall always be regarded as a part of this Privacy Policyconstitutes part of this legal statement. We shall issue any changes to this Privacy Policy on this page or through other means that we believe are appropriate (including sending an email to you or otherwise notify you). If you continue to use our products and/or services, you shall agree to be bound by the amendments of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy has both Chinese and English version. Shall there be any inconsistent, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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