The little footprint in the dragon country – The story of a silly foreigner in Shanghai

TheLittlefootprintinthedragoncountryShanghai, Feb. 6 – Jp Lam, founder of O-Marketing, had made his first debut of his new book “ The LITTLE FOOTPRINT IN THE DRAGON COUNTRY ” at the CHILL OUT on Feb 6 , 2015 with the appearance of nearly 25 medias. The book feature a collection of Jp Lam life story for the past 36 years including his perspective as a foreigner in the China for the last 12 years.

Mr. Lam, a previous manager employed by West Palace, Beijing, a five-star hotel with over 2,000 staffs, was born in Mauritious, grew up in France and ended up staying in the vibrant city of Shanghai. He completed his study in University of Strasbourg and received his master degree from France Reunion University by the age of 30. As of today, not only he is the founder of “O-Marketing”, he is also the art director of his art gallery, O- Gallery and the owner of a red wine bar,O.Gossip and photographer & camera studio,O-Studio. His success in his businesses was driven by his passion and endless curiosity to be creative at all time with innovative ideas to integrate Le France business model into his company. His tremendous success in China has now made himself well known to the world, having constant attention from the local and foreign medias.

“The Little Footprint in the dragon country” in a compilation of Mr. Lam’s memoir for the past 36 years. The book is divided in to 5 different chapter with each chapter describing his own experience, personal thought and own perspective in a humorous way. Starting with the first chapter describing how it all started with his illustration of his childhood and rebellious adolescence years back in his hometown located in Mauritius. The second chapter covers his first experience leaving his home town, stepping into the mysterious land of China. How travelling between the metropolis of Shanghai and the capital city of Beijing had opened new doors and opportunities for him bringing different sensation. Yet, the life there was not without its own challenges, with his constant misunderstanding with the people and culture and how he fought through the first 12 years in the foreign land and redefine himself to adapt to the culture there. In the third chapter, Mr Lam will be narrating how he founded O-Marketing and the process what lies behind the success stories of his. What are the challenges and how did he manage through with the company internal conflicts with his staff and team members and how was it possible to present his company to the worlds as of today. Following the success story of Mr. Lam, the fourth chapter of the collection is a compilation of his internal struggle and dilemma he had during his duration in China. With the constant question of his own identity, purpose and in search for a reason to continue stay and how he manage to cross over with different people in life, each of them with its own characteristic and was able to inspire him to keep pursing his ideal and dream. The last chapter ended with his reflection towards his accomplishment so far and what does he expect next that would lies ahead.

“As of what will happened next ?” Maybe 12 years is a sufficient for one to be attached and fall in love with the city as Mr Lam planned to continue his journey and settle in China.

As indicated that the book will also be translated in to English and French version.

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