Planting a Tree @ Xianshan Qiandaohu, Hangzhou, China

Lane running through autumn woods on a foggy morningThe return of spring, and nature awakens, the days become warmer and brighter. Xianshan Peninsular which has been dormant during a whole winter is waking up, recovering vigor and vitality. On 12th March was Arbor Day, and a trip was organized by the village head in Xianshan botanical garden to plant trees.

Wake up in the morning without any rules just as your wishes, take your camera and walk through the mountains, forest and historical spots. Peacefully do yoga with on the bridge of the lake or enjoy the picturesque scenery of a romantic lighthouse. The most meaningful thing in Xianshan springtime is to plant a tree. We all wish our children will grow up with young trees. Spring in Xianshan is colourful and vibrant, just as  you would imagine.Lane running through autumn woods on a foggy morning

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