Kempinski Hotel Suzhou ‘Rhythm of Change’ Charity Party


8 May 2015 – Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, together with the Hong Kong Chi Heng Foundation, held its third charity activity on World AIDS Orphans Day with the theme of ‘Rhythm of Change’. The aim was to showcase the arts to AIDS-impacted families in rural China to share the passion, bliss and love of music and dance.

The Pumpkin band is composed of nine caring musicians from different nationalities, different backgrounds and different ages spanning half a century. They were invited to provide a passionate live show with more than 20 famous songs to all the guests onsite, and organised a life-changing, magical and musical experience to the children whose families are impacted by AIDS.

Over RMB 23,116 was raised that night, and The Pumpkin band will go to AIDS-affected rural China for a weeklong trip in late May.

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