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Poetic Space, Green Story

Anna Zhong 2018-04-11 09:34

Indoor design is not simply about creating an indoor space. Rather, it’s the process of creating the poetry of life. The Sales Centre of Cifi Fenglu Plaza is like a seed buried in the forest. Here it grows and tells the green story of its natural origin and designer Alessio Zhang is the writer of this story. In the story he uses the natural sceneries, windows and enclosures, and eventually gives birth to the poetic space.


The whole Cifi Fenglu Plaza covers an area of 41 thousand square metres, with a total floor area of 143 thousand square metres. The huge complex combines a shopping mall, a luxury hotel, smart offices and a loft. This unique project is a showcase of Cifi Group’s decades of real estate development philosophy, aiming to become the high-end city complex in Jiuting area and to completely transform the town’s skyline.

The project takes functionality into critical consideration. Enclosed by six high-rises and a three-storied mall, the design symbolizes bringing luck and fortune to the owners. The façade is styled in modernistic design, while the structuring and construction strictly follow the rule of eco-friendliness. The landscape system is comprised of a central plaza, an entrance plaza, and inter-building sceneries to fully meet the demand of recreation and social life of the residents.


The Sales Centre of the plaza takes an area of 600 square metres with a distinctive floor height of 6.5 metres. Alessio Zhang was not troubled by the limited parameters though. Instead, he created a unique space featured with wood blocks, as if the boxes filling the space along with separating lines and curves. The metal plant shelves are also shaped in boxes. The green plants immerse the visitors in a sphere of botanical elements. What’s more, the artificial green world echoes with its natural surroundings in a perfectly balanced manner.


In order to highlight the comfort and cosiness of the indoor environment, the designer also customized the furniture and ambient light. Traditional sales centres are lack of humanitarian elements. However, here we are indulged in the pleasant space created by wood, greeneries, gentle light, and elegant atmosphere, where human elements are embodied through each detail. Next to the entrance of the Sales Centre is the Creative Showplace, which combines commercialism and culture in an astoundingly harmonious way.  

The black metal is combined with wood veneers, and thus becoming the exhibition site for books, creative products, and greeneries. All sorts of events are given possibilities to take place here – business negotiations, estate sales, recreation, short-term business work, art exhibitions and more. All the “stories” above grab your attention back to the indoor space and inspire you to begin the journey in search of happiness and dreams.

The entire space presents an open style, where the plants and metal and wood emerge in a co-existing manner. The designer infuses the space with new ideas through meticulous structuring. And eventually, through the miraculous design of architecture, the Sales Centre proved itself to be a “Scenery Box”, and won its designer the prestigious 2016 Red Dot Design Award.



Designer Bio

Alessio Zhang is known for his simplistic, neat, and creative designs. He thinks indoor design must stick to the core idea – to realise the true value of space - as the topmost goal. His designs are often covered by mainstream media such as Ad Style and Elle Decoration. Acclaimed both home and abroad, he published his portfolio Alessio’s Space in 2006.

Besides designing, Alessio is also a life artist who pursues a naturalistic and free life. He thinks that a good designer must first be a life artist. Only when one is dedicated to the cause of life could he create excellent works of design. He also regards that as his secret to success, as well as his philosophy of life.

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