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Natural Modernism

Sophia 2018-04-11 09:34

Surrounded by mountains, Keppel Sheshan Riviera enjoys the distant enclosure of hills outside, and inside is the bright sphere casted by the natural light.

The Journey of Light

Entering the villa, a curious visitor would be amazed by the light penetrating and ever-moving through the void above. In fact, it is the effect achieved through the bottom of the swimming pool on the third-floor balcony. The designer enables glistening light of waves stretches through the skylight to create the unique light and shade effects.


Paul Valery, the French master of symbolism and poet once said, “Water always renews itself.” Standing beside a pool, one would find the flow of water will bring infinite forms of changing light. It’s the random natural touches that give birth to the unpredictable beauty of life.

While the intangible light needs a tangible carrier to manifest its unpredictable charm. Here, well, as Rogers said that the space itself is the exact carrier: the dynamic metallic art work hanging in the center of the living room is extremely delicate and flexible, as if it would sing like a aeolian harp under the breath of air when a window is slightly pushed open. Its metal wings vibrate gently with the rhythm of wind, while both the dusk and dawn lights reflect and dance upon it for the household.

Switching Spaces

Other than the light, air and water are also fundamental elements in defining a modern organic building. Every space’s structure is a critical component to define itself. In this case, the designer reconstructs several parts of the original structure. For instance, the originally segmented and conservative structure on the first floor and the public space in the basement is transferred to a more open and decent space; the originally separated stairs are reorganized into one patio, which expands usable area and at the same time introduces more natural light to the underground. The green plants enclosed by the underground atrium in the patio also becomes a harmonious visual epicenter for the residents.

After accurate modifications, the spatial structure presents an utterly different appearance. The open-style kitchen separated by Chinese and western sections is given the freedom to expand in a more complete and spacious area, thus enabling the dining room to occupy a more nature-oriented location. The façade of the kitchen, however, adopts large marble tiles to form a geometric collage, while the accompany of warmly toned brass closet veneer infuses the open-style kitchen with abundance of sense of design and modernistic features back to the early Modernism.


Moreover, the stairs on the third floor have a special effect made for the general space. Designed as independent direction, the master bedroom is given more privacy. In this section, the designer sets comfortable resting area and convenient cloakroom and dressing space, hence the floor is specially dedicated to the comfy living of the master. From the indoor space to the semi-outdoor balcony, or the resting area to the outdoor swimming poor, the design offers a layered, yet gradual transition of sights and atmosphere.

The Language of Decoration

The boys’ room is also full of fun in decoration. Hanging downward are the more powerful black and white images of natural scenes and animals, with the harmonious black and white colors as basic tone. The shelves on the wall are decorated with black linings, while the running children figures are infused with innocence and vitality. The round-shape glass rooftop of the mini-balcony is specially designed to enable the kids to observe the starry sky with their telescopes.


The basement is the perfect party ground facilitated by a wine cellar, a bar, and an area functioned as entertainment and wine appreciation. The floor coordinates the general color plan, upon the grey terrazzo ground are inlayed with countless sparkling golden beads. All the furniture in this area adopts chamfering fillet or round shape design, creating a relaxing salon atmosphere in the sunken style space.

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