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Modern Rococo Gets An Artsy Interpretation

Anna Zhong 2018-04-11 09:35

In the 1720s, the Rococo style was developed upon Baroque Art Deco and popularized among aristocrats. To translate this complicated art style into a modern spatial language, however, is not an easy work for most designers.

Rococo highlights the beauty created through asymmetry: the curving lines inherit the frivolity and grandiosity of Baroque and meanwhile infuse the classicism with delicacy and repetitiveness, accompanied by the spirit of liberalism.

Designers embrace Rococo with welcome and respect. This spirit is embodied through the designs, paintings, sculptures, photography, music… all the forms of art are involved within, and it gradually enriches the spiritual strength of the people who live here.


A Dance of Chinese Painting and European Art

The grand mansion in Tongzhou District, Beijing, is featured with a S-curve mimicking the traditional Chinese painting. The curve introduces you to the mysterious mansion inside. The figures on the ground are like a dancer in the water – she jumps, twirls, spins, and lands in an elegant manner, and finally leads you to the entrance.



The first sight upon entering the mansion is an antique Bluthner piano; a brand recognized by many European royal families and also the favourite of many prestigious piano artists. The piano is a rare collector’s item, the black coloured piano reflects the golden light and casts a marvellous hue onto the ivory-white porch. This is right the way the owner interprets his love toward art. When the music notes begin to linger in the hall, a vivid image of aristocratic France springs to mind. Accompanied by the sculptures and floor figures, the space is a picture of Rococo.

Gold Is What Luxury All About

The golden, vintage Rococo, accompanied by Art Deco, set the tone of the living room. The golden dome, however, is like a magnificent palace. The chandeliers, one big and one small, are also asymmetric to increase layers of taste to the space.

The golden lanterns vivify the white hall. Meanwhile, the sculpture in the hall is one of Salvador Dali’s favourite works – Alice in Wonderland. The ropes twirl on Alice’s arms, while her hands and hair are transformed to the symbolic roses. She mixes reality and magic, and brings the combined elements of past and present to the living room.


The dining room at the end of the living room is toned in white and golden, with the sparrow-like lantern casting warm rays into the space. White table and chairs show elegance while golden tableware tempts the appetite. Crystal candlesticks and glassware furthermore interpret the essence of Rococo. What’s more, the dining room unexpectedly combines classicism and modernism. The 18th century antique chairs are matched with a simplistic, modern sofa. The sharp contrast reminds us the power of time.



The luxurious master bedroom is also toned in golden. The wall is decorated with cute magpies to mean luck and fortune. The fireplace helps to create a warm and comfortable environment. Plunge yourself into the couch, with a cocktail in hand and Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York singing by, you are literally living an aristocratic, insouciant French life.


Wonderful Colours, Delicate Lines

Another important feature of Rococo is the wonderful usage of colours. Golden and other light colours are aimed to create a luxurious atmosphere, and the oriental lines and patterns accompanied to decorate the details.

In the sage coloured senior’s room you can see the western structure as well as Chinese style patterns. Vibrant and mature elements are infused into the hearty blessings for the senior members of the family.



The girl’s room is coloured in pink, with the copper lanterns adding a luxury touch to the lovely space. The handmaid LLADRO porcelain figurines have extremely vivid texture.

The porch on the second floor and the engravings on the study wall are the most representative features of the naturalistic Rococo decorative style. The spiralling curves bring the white wall to life. Moreover, designer puts black-and-white photographs onto the wall, to increase layers of experience.


The New York Style Lounge in the Basement

The mansion is not only a residence, but also a place for social life. The basement is a customized space for recreation. With a background in the metropolitan pub style, the basement is a wine cellar, a cigar bar, and a billiard room. The cellar resembles a medieval castle and shows the full respect for the antique wine. On the other side of the bar, however, you can fully relax yourself,drinking wine and chatting with friends, as you wish. The luxurious leather chairs and colourful background wall ensure a comfortable atmosphere for the master and his friends.

The whole basement is quite bold in colours, but doesn’t appear to be frivolous. Red ceiling, coffee bricks and golden screens construct a sharp contrast, resulting in infusing an air of luxury. The whole basement is a place to indulge in, endlessly.


The mansion in general is a magnificent masterpiece combined by the European palace features in the 18th century and the traits of the modern upper class. Elegant arches and delicate figures eventually create the essence of classical arts with modern techniques and materials.

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