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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Reno Yang 2016-10-20 08:44

In the mountain, looking for the home of your heart and homeland is many people’s dream. In the modern city, designer, Lian Zicheng, chose to live somewhere surrounded by mountains. Supposedly, his wife was most touched by the greenery outside the window.

Space Of Natural Harmonious

It's a real challenge to connect the indoor environment to the outside. In Lian Zicheng's house, huge French windows in the living room are the natural bridge. The designer built a new hallway that perfects the function of space and acts as a transitional space to acclimate one's mood, helping to leave the city's noise outside and just feel at home. In the living room and balcony, a large number of mirrors bring the outdoors in. The sense of transparency is also the centre of interior public space and the final goal the designer wanted to achieve. The entire space shows respect for the original materials; whether the traces of human craftsmanship or natural texture of wood, the most real and natural side is always magnified.


As Lian's wife hoped that they could live somewhere vivid, he stays away from the tedious details and uses lots of simple colours to create a peaceful and simple interior. Balance will be achieved in space. Different colours and patterns cooperate with each other, making the place feel lively but not complicated.

Design The Way Out

The master bedroom is where the host's parents live. The curved line of the walls, like flowing water, makes people feel very at ease but it poses a conundrum for the designer- how to arrange the room to fit the arced walls? Lian finally ingeniously used surrounding moving lines, which made the function of space follow building curves and use every corner to efficiently combine form and function. The tranquility of cream, the calm of black feather-decorated bedding and bright yellow, embellished with few colours, made the space more dynamic.


The 1950s and 1960s were a golden age filled with revolution, creativity, and full of dreams. So designers uses the time period as a jumping off point to build the theme of "retro". "Nuage 'Cloud' bookshelf is from Charlotte Perriand. I like those kind of simple, free, and smooth modern sense, used to support a corner of the space modern design." Lian says,"The tea table is formed by the strong cubist colour blocks composed of VENTAGLIO, red black and yellow. This continues to show people the unlimited passion for colours, creating pure and abstract household impressions."

Every detail from curtains to chairs is unique. Forms and spatial trends are connected. B&B customized yellow chairs work in concert with yellow curtains of the French windows. Such a division of shape and colour brings the space a dynamic balance. Art at home embellished each space, from inside to outside, forming another kind of culture cycle. This corresponds with the human-centered spirit of home space, and lives together with the mountains and trees outside. If you settle down here, you will feel at home.



Founder of Daguan Design Association

Lian Zicheng was deeply affected by British culture when he went there to study. This laid the foundation for his design style and creativity. Later he moved to Shanghai, and continued doing interior design with a focus on artistry and customization. He emphasizes the perfect combination of culture and quality, and advocate more high-quality attitude of life and design. Since the founding of his own company, Lian has gone from strength to strength on projects as wide ranging as residences, hotels, commercial spaces, and more.

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