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Home A Natural Balance

Sally 2018-04-04 09:35

The owner of “Jie” is a successful, experienced gentleman. For him, home is a place for more than living. He thinks a home should be the place where minds inhabit poetically, where life shows the charm of the world, and where the heart resides.

In designer Fang Xinyuan’s eyes, successful individuals either take pride in their glorious life or hide their achievement humbly. The binary opposition actually embodies the great wisdom of life. The owner of the property here is a man of learning. And his definition of “home” profoundly inspired Fang’s process of design.


The designer widely adopted grey-toned materials including concrete, grey veneers,and dim colour blocks to create an understated spatial experience. These elements help to embody a kind of order through layers of space and present the expectation of the owner toward the idea of “home”. Eventually the tranquillity buried inside the heart is given the chance to visualise in front of the owner.

“The residence has never been the battle field for designers to show off their talent, but the place where the dwellers sedate their mind. No design is perfect. However, for the property owner, a design that meets his expectation is a design that is perfect through and through,” said the designer.


Red, yellow and blue are hailed as the colours of royalty. The designer didn’t adopt all of them though. Rather, he used blue as the tone colour to match with grey and in effect produced a humble and low-profile state of mind. As he explained, “the elegant and serene blue colour, in contrast to the passionate red and magni cent yellow, is more symbolic in expressing wealth and prestige, as well as the calm state of mind.”

Among the grey spectrum stands the profound blue. Layers after layers the blue colour vibrates with a breathing life, while traces of red jump on the walls to add vitality to the space. In the designer’s eyes, the experienced owner of the property still keeps passion and expectation inside his heart, which is the reason why red still occupies a place in the space. The time-washed ornaments and antique furniture are placed randomly in different corners. However, from a distant view, they resemble a wash painting from the Song Dynasty – philosophical, poetic.


In terms of the spatial structure, the designer set the basic tone through the reasoning of modernism, and further interpreted elements in concepts of “Confucianism, Taoism, Zen and Quiescence”. On the other hand, the designer put extra focus on the processing of ratio and volume. The body, corridors, layers, and blocks are applied integrally to feature the sense of order, balance and harmony. Entering the space is a journey through life, where odds are abandoned and essences sedate.

The dining room is the extension of the entrance hall, in fact. The “ㄇ” shaped blue wall is featured with hand-made concave details, resulting in shading effects. The symmetrical screening wall, in addition, works both as the boundary of spaces and the screen of different moods. Living in the space is like traversing between the mundane and the extramundane worlds.


Besides, the designer also took advantage of the natural light to create shifting effects, which enabled the Pandomo material to present the miraculous rippling scenario just like in a traditional Chinese painting.

Inside and outside, ups and downs. Here in the space, stands the dream home for a serene heart.


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