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Her Transcontinental Romance

叶霖耘Lerra Ye 2016-12-26 09:59

Amere 10 weeks after Rachel Laxer took on the makeover of a century-old country house in North London, she had given this 929 square metre space a complete transformation. Original features such as the carved high ceilings, wall panels, ooring, and windows are lovingly and respectfully preserved while Laxer gave the regal shell a fresh twist on the inside with a touch of neoteric materials. The house speaks of its present and the past at every turn in perfect unison and is artistically lightened up for the modern era. Even the layout of the more formal living and dining rooms take on a sense of humour while simultaneously staying classic. "I love the clean look from the 1970s; very Halston, mixed with a purity of Japanese design. My goal was to make the house feel relaxed, yet elegant, so there's nothing too delicate that children and animals would have to worry about."


Her Relaxed Elegance

When Laxer first started her own studio RACHEL LAXER INTERIOR, she defined her design principle as "relaxed elegance", referring to a melding of chic and cosmopolitan with a pragmatic approach. She sticks to this core philosophy on designing her family house in Westchester, New York. "A space should always feel balanced, well edited, and curated," she reveals. "I am inspired by the concept of timeless, relaxed elegance that will stand the test of time." When most interior designers may lose sleep being troubled by the wear and tear destined to take its toll on a space. Laxer sees it from a different perspective, "Life is not perfect and everything continues to evolve." For her, time itself can be a designer if you take it into account right from the start. Her family home is a project that can never be completed; instead growing as she and her family grows. "I wanted to create a new home that felt lived in and renovated rather than a shiny new mansion."


Her Global Vibe

If one's life experiences were a glamorous outfit, then Laxer would display her badges on her jetset as credentials for her being a true citizen of the world.

She began her career as a commodities trader and then became a successful emerging markets trader at the rms of investment legends George Soros and Michael Steinhardt. "When I worked in nance, I travelled a lot to South America, to Buenos Aires and Rio. There I fell in love with the history and culture." After relocating to Tokyo, the designer became enamored with Japanese architecture and followed an undeniable passion for design inspired by the Japanese aesthetic. So she started off with a clean slate and studied privately with an art historian and architect in Japan, and was then quickly hired in London by celebrated designer Kelly Hoppen who valued her "East meets West" approach and exceptional international eye and sourcing abilities. Now, she works on her own and possesses a namesake studio established nine years ago.


She offers bespoke interior designs for clients from all walks of life - professional athletes, sports team owners, nanciers, entrepreneurs, tech executives, lawyers, and artists... people from the upper strata of society who have high expectations. I am from New York, moved to Tokyo, and now live in London. It's the travel that opens my scope for design, creating great diversity in my work," Laxer explains.

Laxer's eclectic background reflects in her style, which defies classification. A symmetry of spatial allocation and smoothly structured outlines present a contemporary home but she combines that with the romance of neoclassicism. Lately, she keeps surprising us with the serenity and simplicity inherent in Japanese Wabi-Sabiaesthetics. With South America ushering in her aesthetic enlightenment, Tokyo leading her way to designing, and the laid back essence of Paris and London running in her veins, Rachel Laxer takes a global approach to design,"Every new place I travel to helps to inform my eye as a designer."



Rachel Laxer is a dy- namic interior designer with a rich international portfolio. She worked for Kelly Hoppen before set- ting up her own design studio in 2007. At the core of her interiors is a synthesis of art, vintage discoveries, bespoke creations, and a dash of high street to pull it all together, though never at the expense of com- fort or functionality.

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