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Expressive Walls

陆艾玲LunaLu 2017-07-10 10:11

If you are preparing to decorate a new home, face a blank wall and imagine the possibilities. Wallpaper, paint, hand-painted, paneled? Think these are too common and want your home to stand out from the norm? IXXI from the Netherlands may be the answer. Let's get into the world of IXXI and discover the inspiration and ideas of the designers.

Stunning Surprise

Like many of the inventions in the world, the birth of IXXI was a beautiful accident. In the summer of 2009, interior designers Paulien and Eric of Studio Parade collaborated with graphic designer Roel Vaessen on a project where they had to integrate twenty thousand cards into one.


In the process of overcoming this dif cult problem, ‘IXXI’ came into being. And then the story started.

The three young designers have created simple X and I shaped pieces, and on the basis of that, a modular wall decoration product is made up of a series of square cards. This clever design allows everyone to bring his or her thoughts to the forefront and create a unique wall face.

Just a year since their founding, IXXI was successfully nominated for a Dutch design award and went on to commercial success. Absolutely, it opened the door for them to develop in the future.

Rock The World

The partners soon set up the IXXI website that sells their stylish wares. As a customer, you have three choices: one is to enlarge a single picture with a IXXI system, the second is to make a collage, and the third to make an abstract pixel image.


People can upload their own pictures, or they can choose from the selection in the IXXI picture library. When you select a good picture on the site and determine how it is made, your picture will be enlarged, printed and rendered to numerous 20x20cm cards.

The card material is made of special paper produced from synthetic materials, they will use X and I shape of successive pieces together after being xed to the wall, a side wall with countless changes artistic features. If xed on the frame that connects to the ceiling, they can even become a partition screen to divide up a large space.


Good designs will be popular for its utility. Having prevailed in the market, IXXI have started cooperation with many well-known institutions and companies such as the National Museum of Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), V&A, Van Gogh Museum and Prado Museum, Miffy Company, and Getty Images.

Even timeless icons from Disney and Star Wars have joined their ranks lately.

These novel and practical wall products are popular in the founder’s home country of the Netherlands, but have also found popularity in Germany, Britain, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Japan. Since 2014, IXXI has been unveiled every year at Paris’ MAISON & OBJET furniture exhibition.


Definite Space, Indefinite Art

Although the wall is fixed, a blank wall is arguably the most versatile canvas in your home. Give the freedom back to the wall, and you'll get the most personal experience. IXXI, which combines hand-painted, collage and DIY elements, has to be the ideal wall decoration art that can best present one’s individuality.

"We feel that it's great to let people design a whole wall at home," says Roel Vaessen, one of the creative directors and co-founders of IXXI. "When they need to change, they can change a few cards and express their creativity."

This kind of intimate original intention and service have earned IXXI a large number ofloyal customers, and for many years they continue to put forward creative ideas, encouraging IXXI to continue to develop. Fans of the company are also pleasantly surprised to every time the site’s picture library is updated.


The Miffy and Disney series will be sure to delight young funs and give parents and their children an opportunity to bond over their creativity. In the other corner, Star Wars fanatics will be able to proudly display their love of the franchise on their wall.

Creating this level of practicality to something that could have been too easily artistically aloof is one of IXXI’s greatest strengths. Their existence is not merely a beautiful accident, but a well-thought out solution to meet the desire of people to express themselves in their home environment.


If you are interested in these works and desire for an impactful splash of individuality at home, then the items mentioned in this article are available for order on the company’s website.

You’ll find that your imagination and freedom may be recovered through DIY of the white walls.


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