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Attic Upon Books

Johnny 2018-04-11 09:34

For a down-to-earth bookworm, a bookstore reaches far beyond a place that only sells books. As far as we concern, Zhongshuge is no such place. It is a brand-new world, designed and dedicated only to the fervent readers.

Entering the Attic

Zhongshuge Bookstore (Minhang) is located on the third floor of a business park building of Minhang District, Shanghai. The façade featured by characters and letters is highly recognizable when passing on the elevated road. Located at the center of the building, the combination of characters lends a hearty welcome to visitors. Taking an elevator to the third floor, entering the bookstore and the first objects coming to our eyes are the fine black shelf-wall and the sets of whipping-top shape shelves immersed in the white lambency. Backgrounded by the black wall, the white whipping tops stand as if among clouds, or dance in the air.

The philosophy of Zhongshuge Bookstore regards the whipping top as a symbol of balance. It finds its own pivot through ceaseless spinning, in which implies multiple connotations. Every time it gets whipped, the top resembles a diligent ballet dancer trying to find her balance through spinning practice. The designer aims to express the realm of life through the set of whipping tops. As the books reside in the chambers, the knowledge hidden within stands for encouragement and mental endeavors.

The black-color bookshelves on the wall are designed into forceful shapes. The triangular shelves, however, do not serve as holders for the books. Rather, the faint halo casting from the ceiling penetrates through the triangle and lightens the books on the shelves down below. To view the design as a whole, the black shelf wall echoes both statically and dynamically with the whipping top in the center, creating a terrific balance of delicacy and powerfulness, tranquility and energy.


The Book Paradise

Passing through the whipping top, we enter the Book Paradise of Minhang Zhongshuge. The moment of stepping into the hall we would be warmly welcomed by the signature color of Zhongshuge bookstores– mocca. In this area, the designer stretches the shelves on both sides to a heavenly height through the mirror sprung roof. Meanwhile several layers of arches are formed in a simplistic and classic manner, with a hint of modernity retained honestly. The arches result in a solemn church-like effect through multiple reflections and diffusions. The reading booths are located at both ends, enabling potential readers to enjoy their time at ease. Reading or meditating, here one finds his own way to get away from the madding crowd.

The other side of the wall hides the other Book Paradise, where books are more abundant in species. The designer also adopts mirrors at the end of the space, resulting in the visual enlargement of spaces, just looks like a reading tunnel that never ends.


Approaching deeper, the sight would be expanded in a sudden. The corridor abruptly leads to a grand hall, to be specific, a ballroom. The shelves don’t break its own pattern, yet the space is dramatically enlarged. An exquisite bar stands in the middle, the corner of which lays a tip stretching from the arch, as if a communication is made with the heaven. Sitting either beside the black desks or in the white couch, a reader is able to immerse in the world of books, with the accompany of a cup of coffee.

The Book Paradise of Minhang Zhongshuge Bookstore exactly delivers the philosophy of “a miraculous world hides behind a book while the world initiates infinite possibility and miracles”. The Minhang branch is a new landmark since the debut of Thames Valley Zhongshuge Bookstore, with the essence fully inherited within. A specific spatial language is spoken to elaborate the philosophy of life. Here it is not only a place books being sold but also a land where souls meet. Through the specially designed indoor spaces, the bookstore offers more than the written language that enables the readers to explore the wonders of the world. Rather, she provides with a shelter for the books, enabling the cultured individuals to discover the wonders only belong to themselves.

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