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A Tale Of Two Modern Cities

钟彤悦Anna Zhong 2018-08-07 11:32

Shanghai ang New York are miles apart, but they're like a pair of twin cities in that they both lead economic and fashion trends throughout the globe. The Bund and Manhattan, similarly, are the souls of two cities. They are prosperous, modern and open to the most avant garde lifestyles. They are the pioneers of cities.

This time, designer Fang Lei cooperates with China Resources and brings the essence of Manhattan to the Bound of Bund residences. The effect is astounding—the iconic design along with an array of art works turns the residence into an elegant, avant garde museum.

Urban elites are those who pursue both material abundance and artistic enjoyment. Designing houses for them is extremely tricky. Fang Lei knows this well. He knows the elites don't want a mere luxury house, but an artwork combined by life, philosophy and artistic elements.


The Bound of Bund is exceptional in many ways—one of them is the boldness in indoor design. The designer brings vibrant orange and sumptuous purple together, matches modern carpets with classic sculpture, and channels the multicultural image of Manhattan: cosmopolitan, fantastic, and extravagant.

A modern chandelier echoes the cutlery that flickers with a radiant emerald hue. This is how the dining room interprets the charisma of cosmopolitan life.

The dining room and kitchen are linked by a western-style bar. An interactive relationship is built through the setting of the bar, the living room, the dining room and the central kitchen. Meanwhile, the beautiful Bund view is within sight.

The spacious master bedroom guarantees premium comfort. The wall and the ceiling arch ow naturally through the horizon. Blue velvet cushions and paintings on the wall remind residents of the heightened luxury and urban fashion extracted from all over the world.


Peaceful white and a hint of blue create a comfortable reading environment. The master bathroom is inspired from both international and local styles. The bathing section is another unique point — large French windows introduce sunshine and scenery to the indoor space, providing a natural place for the soul to bathe freely.

Large areas of circular balcony link each section in a piece. The balcony is divided into several different parts to meet multiple needs of parties and meetings. Here you can also appreciate the marvellous view of the Bund and forget about the crowded city life.

The lift lobby is even more artistic: the independent chamber displays artworks from Simard Bilodeau Gallery, like a mini museum.


About  Fang Lei

Fang Lei is a renowned architectural and interior designer. He established OneHouse Interior Design in 2009 and has won multiple indoor design awards through the years. Fang's expertise is in developing new spatial possibilities through the clashes and contrast of ideas. He regards the central idea of a designer as the combination of sensibility and rationality, while his design is the presentation of that conflict. Fang simpli es the forms of life and deciphers the codes of architecture through his interpretation of the world.

He once told the press that he pursues the uniformity of visual and internal forms, the combination of nature, art and humanities and the sensitivity towards objects until the realisation of beauty and practicality. Fang respects the diversity of design language, and he emphasises that good design always focuses on human beings to develop new spatial possibilities.

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