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A Nest of Creation

RenoYang 2016-09-22 13:26

Lu Xinjian has a hobby. It is inviting friends, other artists, to his home to see his new works and witness the creation process. His goal for his apartment was very clear: he hopes he can merge his works with the home environment to show the richness of his works. "Homeis not only a place where he can stay or his heart can rest, but also the well of inspiration.


Describing The Beauty Of  The City With Symbols

Lu's work is lled with symbolism: circles stand for organic and natural bodies while straight lines and squares stand for arti cial structures. He uses simple designs to draw the landmarks of all the cities, presenting the basic blueprints and rules of modern cities. His works omit depth of eld, light and shadow, depth, and more. He just uses colours, lines, and composition of a picture to express his concepts. Thus, under the circumstances of globalization and homogenization, he interprets a new vision and urban planning. So, rich colours become the focus of vision. Pure white backdrops can show the tension of his works better, making his home look like a gallery.

Different from most artists, Lu used to work in design and advertisement. He has rich "practical experience". "This working experience established a foundation for my study and development. Further education after you already have some working experience is very important." he says.


Space Is The Canvas Of Imagination

Lu, who used to teach design at Tongji University, thinks that art should be combined with design: "People normally think art is just for the form while design services for the function. But I don’t think so. The best result should be the combination of art and design." Lu says: "For example, the idea of the design concept of my own house is from me. The design drawing is by one of my friends who is also a designer." He uses the B1 for creation because he uses a lot of pigment, spray lacquer, and other materials, which will affect the smell of his house. So B1 is the best choice. The rst oor is a combination of living room and kitchen. You will be surprised at the simplicity of his home. The oor is just cement. The walls are pure white. At rst glimpse, it seems to lack all traces of design. But Lu explains: "I hope to do 'cement' in the home design. I don't need too complicated design to decorate my house. At the beginning, my friends always think my house is too simple when they rst visit. But after I hang my works on the wall, they all think the colours in my house are very rich. This is related to my work itself."


Last year, Lu's family gained a new addition. There- fore, the spatial pattern of his house slightly changed. His daughter's bedroom and guest bedroom are on the same oor, just like the living room. Inside the bedroom, besides the puzzle-style sponge pads, there is only one green cabinet. When he was asked why it's so empty in the girl's bedroom, he explained: "Her bedroom will be her canvas in the future. This is the educational concept I'm going to teach her. I'll teach her that's where she can do whatever she wants. She can draw whatever she wants on the wall in her bedroom. But outside of that room, it's not her place. She cannot draw there." On the other hand, Lu hopes that his daughter can be more autonomous. She can think about how to decorate her room on her own instead of deciding for her. "When she grows up," Lu concludes, "she can decide how to decorate the room."



Lu Xinjian's most well known series, City DNA, is "based on aerial photos sourced from Google Earth software." He graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute and later studied in the Netherlands. He used to teach in Yeungnam University.

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