Hay: Sustainable Danish design

TAUN5419Vantage spoke to Line Gao Bro-Jørgensen from the Danish furniture brand Hay who opened their first shop in Shanghai earlier this year and are looking to make their mark on the local design scene. Line described Hay’s philosophy as being very simple: to make high quality furniture ‘accessible’ and ‘at a price that everyone can afford’.

…their ‘Nobody Chair’, which is an exemplar of sustainable design, is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

Line told us how Hay is committed to sustainability and the pursuit of innovation in their design. She told us about their ‘Nobody Chair’ which, despite its somewhat melancholic name, is an exemplar of sustainable design as it is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. Originally designed for Swedish prisons, the Nobody Chair is a great example of Hay’s simple style and strong sense of functionality.

LITTLE-NOBODY-04Though they are a Danish design brand and have an extensive team of in-house Scandinavian designers, their focus is very much international and source their glassware from Turkey, their rugs from India, Morocco and Nepal and maintain high ethical standards throughout their supply chain. This is also reflected in their collaborations with designers around the world which they do through their sister brand ‘Wrong for Hay’. Directed by designer Sebastian Wrong, Wrong for Hay draws inspiration from a wide array of London and US-based designers. Their products are characterised by strong, bold colours and an edgy style.


Hay is also looking to collaborate with a Chinese designer so we can hopefully look forward to seeing more Chinese designers getting international recognition and attention.

Hay constantly has new and fresh products in their range. Right now they’re stocking a range of cushions with prints from Nathalie du Pasquier, a founding member of the Memphis Group, which are extraordinarily colourful with eye-catching and unusual patterns.


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