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Winter Drawings

Johnny WANG 2017-11-01 11:45

Black and white monochrome minimalism is always popular in the winter, but dare to bring some patterns into the mix to brighten up the darker season.


Normally, vivid patterns and prints are the reserve of spring and summer, but now they are also widely adopted in the winter collection to express exquisite ideas. 


Valentino 2017 AW

For instance, Valentino tries to exhibit the romanticism deep inside the designer through a series of pop-art patterns.


Valentino 2017 AW

Indeed, they are perfect “storytellers”: Etro tells the story of an alien female hunter. Trouser legs are combined with leather and fur, while the silk coat is featured with animal patterns. “Valiant” would be the right word to describe the design. 


Etro 2017 AW


Etro 2017 AW

After adopting a new creative director, Gucci has become a master storyteller; each fashion season is a feast of literature. Different printing designs are applied to express varying status of a single idea in different phases, and they are combined together to eventually construct the story of the “alchemist”. Delicate design it is, but with a touch of delight.


Gucci 2017 AW

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