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Shanghai Fashion Week: Chic Thinkers of Feminism

Johnny WANG 2018-06-01 17:55

This year’s Shanghai Fashion Week was a feast of thought and consciousness. Art, literature, film and feminism constituted the main cast of a fabulous show on catwalk.

复古的雍容形象 嫵.jpg

Classic Shape by WOO

Wu Zetian is arguably the most representative symbol of feminine power in ancient China, and she serves as inspiration for this collection. Following a theme of ‘Magic Journey’, glossy, fluorescent and metallic patterns were featured. Prominent swathes of traditional Chinese embroidery contributed an imperial effect.

摩登的自我主义 ANIRAC.jpg


Carina Lau is considered a symbol of independent and autonomous women. Here in the new collection, Lau was inspired by the image of female awakening in the 1980s. The series featured masculine elements, including leather and metal wires, generating a tough and self-sufficient image of the modern female.

诗意的西部风采 MOISELLE.jpg

Riding Charm by MOISELLE

Rosamund Kwan stuns the world with her new designs inspired by the American Vintage style of the 18th and 19th centuries. Here Kwan envisions surrealism through neat garment silhouettes, exotic linings, prints, and feathery embellishments. This is a versatile collection: classic, romantic, vibrant and energetic.

浪漫的游牧韵律 REINEREN.jpg

Gypsy Melody by REINEREN

‘Gypsies’ are a recurring thematic inspiration within fashion – the European nomads are known for taking pride in their mysterious charisma, freedom and unique culture. This collection adopts glossy fabrics to create an air of mysticism, while the ‘starry’ details evoke the gypsy tradition of astrology and palm reading.

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