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Shanghai Fashion Week: Chic Thinkers of Art, Literature and Movies

Johnny WANG 2018-06-01 17:48

This year’s Shanghai Fashion Week was a feast of thought and consciousness. Art, literature, film and feminism constituted the main cast of a fabulous show on catwalk.

廓形的张力 DEEPMOSS.jpg

Power of Out lines by DEEPMOSS

The artist Louise Bourgeois shows her sensitivity to pain through almost all of her works, notably the sculpture series, Cells, from 1991 to 2008. Now, a new fashion collection of the same name is the successor. With a combination of leather, metal and functional fabrics formed into upright silhouettes, this collection exudes remarkable internal power.

奇幻故事 KRBL.jpg

Literate Method by KRBL

Yumeno Kyusaku is a renowned fantasy novelist in Japan, and a chief representative of the so- called ‘daydreaming generation’. Based upon this theme, KRBL presents the delicacy and intricacy of Kyusaku’s world in their latest collection. In terms of design, the brand’s vintage three-piece suits are tailored to unique proportions, while in other works multiple fabrics are embroidered with rich details. A cool colour palate helps to mould the mystery of Kyusaku’s aesthetic.

幽默一笔 MISHKA.jpg

Wear in Humor by MISHKA

Inspired by Tim Burton’s film Mars Attacks, MISHKA infuses absurdity, darkness and sci-fi elements into their collection, igniting a firework display of saturated colours. The result is an array of vintage designs, accompanied by three-dimensional embroidery that added a surprising hint of luxury and edginess.

愉悦态度 WANGHUNG.jpg

Shapes in Joy by WANG HUNG

The abstract theme of this collection, ‘We Are Alive’, is taken from the book and film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Steve Chbosky. To channel the teenage angsty yet familiar mood of the movie, the brand used fabrics that were air-permeable, while keeping silhouettes soft and loose. The designer hopes to bring happiness to the wearer through his easy-going designs, and ultimately alleviating some of the stresses of everyday society.

抽象的摩登风范 WHOLE9YARDS.jpg

Abstract Decorations by WHOLE9YARDS

This season, the brand was inspired by the abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock and the liberated Post-War mood he embodied. The collection pays tribute to Pollock’s drip paintings – extraordinary works characterized by wild, expressive splashes of paint. The fashion designer reproduces the same effect through vibrant colours and contrasting fabrics.

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