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Runway Codes

Johnny WANG 2017-07-01 11:50

Although fashion trends come forth and back, seeming repetitive, the design showing up on runways this season looks updated.

FENDI: New Rococo

The Rococo style feels just right here. Colourful light textures gives the look a modern sheen.


PRADA: Girls Return

Miuccia is not afraid to go girly this season; with flats and feathers, girls just wanna have fun!


GIVENCHY: Soft Geology

Geological elements! With shapes contrasting with one’s body and soft textures, there’s something so womanly about it.


CHLOÉ: Innocence  Found

The style features light, smart design, elevating something that looks so simple to the height of fashion. 


ETRO: Chic Nomads

Exotic prints take you eyes on a journey while the sporty outline makes it romantic yet practical!


CHANEL: Future Centre

This collection depicts an environment much of futurism where chic women walk with confidence.


Layouts by Kyna CHEN

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