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Personal Styles-July-2017

Johnny WANG 2018-08-21 10:50

Pang Ying, Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger Pang Ying is now running her own weibo account. She loves cool and free styles and keeps her followers guessing with her unique look.


VANTAGE: What are your wardrobe staples?

PANG: Tees. 

VANTAGE: When going out, what is a must-have?

PANG: It’s my lipsticks.

VANTAGE: What's your favourite perfume? 

PANG: Jasmin Noir by Bulgari. 

VANTAGE:  Which fashion designer is your favorite?

PANG: Dema Gvasalia.

Lynn Lin, Make-up Blogger

A design major, Lynn Lin is a freelancer and blogger specialising in makeup arts. She loves simple styles executed with attitude.


VANTAGE: What's your favourite style? And how do you make it stand out from others? 

LIN: I love being tanned. I think that makes me different.

VANTAGE: What’s the kind of the main pieces that you have the most in your closet?

LIN: Striped camisoles. They're so practical.

VANTAGE: What is your favourite item of accessories?

LIN: Jewellery. They seem to be my clothes… without them I feel naked.

VANTAGE: What type of shoes and bags do you like best?

LIN: I like them in simple styles with some intriguing details.

VANTAGE: When going out, what is a must-have?

LIN: Wallet, phone, powder, lip-stick, sun glasses and tissue paper.

VANTAGE: What's your favourite perfume? Is there any particular reason?

LIN: Si by Giorgio Armani.

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