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Personal Styles-September, 2017

Johnny WANG 2017-09-01 11:14

Sasha Xiao Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogger Sasha is now running her own weibo account. She loves cool and free styles and keeps her followers guessing with her unique look.


VANTAGE: What are your wardrobe staples?

XIAO: Clothes in black and white.

VANTAGE: When going out, what is a must-have?

XIAO: It’s my cell phone that I must take.

VANTAGE: What's your favourite perfume? 

XIAO: UnJardin Sur Le Toitr by Hermès. 

VANTAGE:  Which fashion designer is your favorite?

XIAO: John Galliano.

William Wang Fashion Consultant

As a fashion consultant, William like the characteristic way to do mix & match to gain eyeballs by some special details.


VANTAGE: How do you differentiate your style from others?

WANG: I am crazy about it. Just change my style all the time.

VANTAGE: What are your wardrobe staples? 

WANG:  I have got a pile of shirts there as I love it!

VANTAGE: What is your favourite accessory?

WANG: Rings to make detials better and sunglass to make the style look powerful.

VANTAGE: What type of shoes and bags do you like best?

WANG: Leather shoes and backpack are my favorite.

VANTAGE: When going out, what is a must-have?

WANG: I always take my perfume with me when going out. 

VANTAGE: What's your favourite perfume? Is there any particular reason? 

WANG: I love Acqua di Parma the best! 

VANTAGE: Which fashion designer is your favourite?

WANG: The Chinese designer Alexander Wang.

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