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Passion For Colour

Johnny WANG 2017-05-01 15:46

The floral print, embroidery, and colours are so iconic in CeliaB’s design it’s almost impossible to miss them. 

Spread The Wings

—“Her signature elements include vibrant colours, exaggerated textures, and patch work construction, with her global and inspired looks." Wgs N.


【Layout Kyna CHEN】

The abundant praise for CeliaB shows her popularity in the fashion circles… but that wasn’t always the case. The designer has paid her dues and her share of being just another face in the crowd.

After studying Advertising & PR in Madrid and Fashion Communication in Milan, Celia Bernardo escaped to the party island of Ibiza where she designed and sold jewellery. Afterwards, she spent the next ten years working with brands like Zara, Pepe Jeans, and Asobio but her love of travel and the weird and wonderful possibilities of colour, wool, and contradiction meant that the fast fashion industry couldn't hold on to her forever. In 2012, Celia B struck out on her own and reignited her passion by starting to make pieces for herself again.  

手稿着色Colour the sketch.jpg

Colour the sketch

Now, a quick glance at her vibrant creations tell the tales of Celia’s inspirations. Her designs showcase inspiration stemming from her travels across the globe, from stripes seen in Rajasthan to batiks from Indonesia. Her use of traditional motifs seamlessly blends with exaggerated textures and bold bursts of print and colour.

Design The Passion

With a love for textiles, craftsmanship and a strong commitment to sustainability, Celia gained recognition from media and buyers in Asia and Europe. Her brand is the first fashion brand to show on schedule during Shanghai fashion week.

She believes in enticing people to feel special and unique by creating timeless, fun, and unusual designs that empowers the wearer with a spirit of uniqueness and freedom that goes beyond seasonal fashion trends.

Maybe it's due to her multiple design experience, she believes in breaking role modules defined by the fast fashion industry defending no season collections. As a result, she later on started to develop capsule collections so the customers can buy their designs when they need them and not when the fashion industry tells them to. 

完成手稿线条Draw the sketch line.jpg

Draw the sketch line

Additionally, she gives much importance to the relationship people build with the clothes they wear, what they communicate to others through their attire, but most importantly how it makes them feel by wearing them. Rather than merely something to use, Celia designs garments that have stories behind them, and by doing this she creates a cultural and emotional connection with the wearer.

Draw The Inspirations

It seems Spanish blood gives Celia a energetic mind to look at various sources from which to draw inspirations. "One of the handcrafted techniques I’m most passionate about is without a doubt crochet. Since the first collection back in 2013, our crochet pieces have been an absolute must defining CeliaB’s universe from the very beginning,” she says. 

She is also a big fan of fine craftsmanship. She travels and she discovers. "There are lots of skilled artisans in Chiang Mai: woodcarving, painting, lacquer work, weaving, embroidery… All throughout Thailand it’s easy to come across local artisans putting their talent to work; they can all be easily found when visiting markets and craft village," she recalls. Channeling her love for travel and her passion for handcrafted pieces, she collects textiles, patterns and inspiration from all over the world creating globally influenced and timeless avant-garde designs.

Now, with a love for vibrant colour, worldwide textiles, state of the art knitting and hand crafted techniques, she is on a mission to bring laughter and pleasure to all who wear her creations.

Compose The Unisons

As a designer, Celia does not do design only by herself. She also collaborates with artists. 

Her 'Latin Lover' collection is in collaboration with the artist María Luque, who has designed the prints exclusively for this collection. CeliaB combines these original vibrant prints with her habitual silhouettes, volumes, ruffles and details; all expression of her Latin origin. Bindings, pipings, and laces round off almost all garments giving a feminine and delicate finish without losing the characteristic strength and sense of humour in all of CeliaB’s creations.

Besides, Portuguese artist Natacha Duarte is also the artist that has been collaborating with CeliaB since AW15 collection Midnight in Oasis. For the 'Summer of Love' Natacha painted psychedelic shapes inspired by 1970’s pop graphics. 

Spanish Bomb系列.jpg

Spanish Bomb Collection

Moreover, CeliaB and Natacha had recently working together for SS17 Collection 'Spanish Bomb' in which Celia returned to her Spanish roots and merges her original signature designs with sensational ruffles and signature bold colourful prints. The use of lace, eyelet embroidered cotton and mesh highlights the latin influence of this mind-blowing collection, emphasising the feminine and converting every garment in a generous helping of fun. 

VANTAGE: How did you start fashion design?

CELIA: I studied Advertisment and PR in Madrid and Milano and the last year I decided that I wanted to do something more creative, so that is how I started designing jewelry. It was during one summer that I spent in Ibiza that I started designing and producing stock and selling it in the beaches, it was so much fun! I loved it so much that I decided that I wanted to do that for a living. I worked for Pepe Jeans London and Zara before I moved to Shanghai in 2010, in 2012 I started my own brand CeliaB. I wanted to create a label where I could create and communicate my own vision towards design, fashion, art…where I could combine my passion for travelling and world wide textiles with a way of living and a business.

VANTAGE: During the past time, what do you think is the best design you did? Why?

CELIA: I love all my collections and all my products, I think I love specially the ones in crochet. I started CeliaB making crochet items and still today I feel they are so special and unique. Crochet is a hand made technique where you can mix many different yarns and materials, there are endless of possibilities and I love that freedom. Right now I am developing a new crochet collection made in Bali that I will show during Shanghai fashion week, I am really excited!

陈列室Her showroom.jpg

Her Showroom

VANTAGE: How did you find your inspiration? Do you have some stories about find inspiration during the past time?

CELIA: I find inspiration everywhere around me. One of my biggest sources is travelling, I love to go to places in the world with a strong textile culture such as India, Guatemala and Thailand. I love places with tribal aesthetics as they are very similar to my creations. To find inspiration I like also to dig into myself, my very own perception of things, my vision, the way I like to mix different elements from different cultures, that is one of my biggest strengths.

VANTAGE: What’s your favorite design element? Why?

CELIA: Colour and textures, I love playing with them, it’s like a game for me. My design is very distinctive because of that, the use I make of colours and different textures. It allows me to express my idea about beauty, fun and creativity

VANTAGE: What’s the DNA of your brand? What do you hope to bring your customers?

CELIA: CeliaB DNA is colourful, passionate and unique. We want to make people feel amazing wearing our clothes. We aim to create exclusive designs beyond fashion trends, timeless pieces that have soul and a deep value for our customers.

希利亚在工作室Celia in her studio.jpg

Celia in her studio

VANTAGE: Usually designers adjust their design works as the market changes. How much do you adjust your design according the market? Where do you get the market information?

CELIA: I adjust my designs listening to my customers, I can know thanks to them what do they like better to wear, when and why. This is the way I try to reach my clientele. I don’t read fashion magazines or follow trends, CeliaB is a concept beyond that, but of course I want people to feel great wearing my designs so I follow the evolution of sales and extol the best seller pieces trying to update those designs to bring new and exciting things to the market.

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