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Painted Beauty

Johnny WANG 2017-09-01 10:37

This season, the make-up style of Japanese fashion brand Tsumori Chisat is inspired by watercolour art. The final make-up style looks just just a painting of watercolour. 

Painted Beauty.jpg

The foundation is the first step of this look. Since the final look appears in a watercolour texture, the foundation had better be semi-glossy ceramic texture which is easy to colour.


Make-up of INJURY Backstage

The key point of this look is about the eyes. The coloured eyeshadow area should be clearly separated from the part around. The eyeshadow should fade layer by layer. 

传奇超模 Ingmari Lamy在后台.jpg

Supermodel Ingmari Lamy at Backstage

At the backstage, the make-up artist chose various fading colour of eyeshadow depending on individual models. And the final step is the immaculate mascara.

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