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Make-up For Anti-war

Johnny WANG 2017-11-01 12:10

Yesir (Ye Qian) infuses “war” elements in the fall/winter collection of his original luxury label YE’SbyYESIR.


The show boasts the motif of “post-traumatic stress disorder”. It certainly grabbed our attention! The melancholy models sported pallid skin, bruises, scars, bandages soaked in blood, are all the designer’s silent protest against war.

妆容拼图 lo.jpg

As of the exact procedures in creating such effect, some modifications could be made to transfer the look from the catwalk to a more day to day look. Firstly, the base should keep the natural glow of skin, accompanied by darker makeup on the face to echo the theme of hollowed cheekbones. Then, a brown eyeliner is used to reinforce the outline of eyes, while the lower eyelids could also be painted with dark brown or red colour to increase layers, but over colouring should be avoided. Lastly, a matte lipstick is applied to create a slightly dry makeup effect, featuring its distinct texture.

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