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Inspirational echo

Johnny 2018-04-09 17:43

Local designer brands, FENGYI TAN, Reclothing Bank, WHM, and HAIZH- ENWANG have all attracted attention with their model makeup during the 2018 S/S fashion shows. FENGYI TAN uses blue, silver, and golden colours to draw facial lines and create facial “graf ti”, showing artistic expres- siveness and echoing fashion inspirations. 


Reclothing Bank translates complex makeup into simple ones. Three-dimensional makeup displays the mission of rethinking relation between mankind and nature; 


WHM focuses on the “natural” makeup and realises the most comfortable makeup state. With the theme of “human mistake”, HAIZHENWANG features features light foundation makeup. By mod- ifying the original cool image, it realises the balance between the toughness and softness of modern women, suggesting the trend to break the barriers and bound on mind.


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