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Fashion Speaks: seasonal Runway Cruise

Johnny WANG 2018-12-01 17:08

The 2018 A/W runway witnessed a coexistence of the classic and the avant-garde, where thoughts clashed radically in the name of fashion.

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Tory Burch: Romantic Attitude

This collection matches feminine curves with classic tailoring. With the aid of modern techniques, vibrant stripes and elegant printing express only one thing: true romanticism.

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Bottega Veneta: Colourful Impression

Bottega captivated with rich tone colours this season. Vibrant visual effects through clashes of colours exhibit a strong fashion attitude.

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Salvatore Ferragamo: Function Returns

This season, Ferragamo is inspired by the edge of the declining modernity. Function returns, meanwhile the style conveys aesthetic concepts, as well as wearability.

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Lanvin: Artistic Digits

Beginning with the neo-modernist “Artistic Digits” symbol, designers blend folding and printing elements with soft fabrics, reflecting intense and constrained technological charisma.

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Etro: Bohemian Exploration

Inspired by European art deco patterns, elongated shadows and integrated paler hues, designers explored Bohemian landscapes through complex screen prints on fabrics.

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Thom Browne: Chic Silhouette

Using heavy flannel fabrics over the female, patches of grey and dots of white interpret feminine beauty with a hint of masculinity.

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Paul Smith: Smooth Mood

Designers brilliantly coalesce dreamy patterns, delicate embroidery and customary tailoring into a journey escaping from reality to an optimistic state of mind.

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Gucci: Fashionable Cyborg

This is a show of diversity recognition, using embroidery and ribbing to express the boundaries of identity. Dichotomy is denied, while attitudes are manifested.

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Tom Ford: Modern Glamour

摩Sequins, leather, and gloss are the elements utilized to create a powerful and blazing female image.

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Valentino: Personal Speech

In this collection, designers impress us with the sensuous power, emotion and energy. Brilliance induces a charming atmosphere, while freedom and personalised experience permeate in the air.

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【Layouts Hu Fangfang】

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