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Cool Art

Johnny WANG 2017-07-01 17:24

A hot summer needs a cool biker wardrobe…it’s there to make you look and feel cool and stylish despite the heat. 


Layout Kyna CHEN

At this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Shu Uemura gave Hong Kong brand INJURY a cool lick of makeup; models wearing unique motorcycle make-up stunned audiences on the runaway.


Their make-up features long eyeliner and Chinese characters on the forehead. It is necessary for models to wear light and bright foundation make-up to look cool and smart. 


From Left Clockwise Blazing Coral E by Estée Lauder

Eyeliner (Special Edition with Pucci) by GUERLAIN

Touche Éclat Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent B30 SPF22 PA++

Smear the lines with waterproof eyeliner to have lines with the width of 0.02mm to 2.00mm. Those make-up features are better served with the art of Japanese calligraphy, which demonstrates the delicacy and the aestheticism of the ancient painting art.

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