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Always Be Different

Johnny WANG 2017-03-01 16:06

Celebrity stylist Cody Ross to the stars showed up at the New York Fashion Week with Rfactory’s black crocodile ‘LeanJumbo’ handbag. He thinks it is one of the pieces that is most representative of the brand. However, Jiang Xingyi, the new trendsetter, carried a white crocodile ‘Effortless’ handbag and popularized at the New York Fashion Week. Popular TV presenter, Zhuang Yating, also appreciates and loves Rfactory.


Accommodating Different Designs 

Looking back at the designs from Rfactory is like stepping into a mysterious time machine. Design cues from vintage and futurism appear to coexist at the same time.

 ‘Océan81 black snake’ hinge package was designed in 2011, it is the representative work of classic style of Rfactory.

DSC_9588 -final.jpg

 ‘Effortless’ is the only series of products that launches every year after Rfactory was founded. In addition to constantly improving the aspects like the texture, colour and hardware components, its shape details and temperament are constantly evolving.

Another classic series ‘Mondrian’ has eight kinds of flowers. In fact, it is just the same design and colour but no items are completely the same. The colour transition and splicing colors of every single ‘Mondrian’ is unique. The problem for the buyer is not choosing one from eight, but choosing one from eighty. 

The experimental work of the vase purse in 2015 was a design expression of pioneers and pondering. You can adjust the shape and unconventional modelling easily. It attracted the curiosity of young people. 

In the Star Wars series that were just launched, Rfactory maintained the brand’s core design philosophy. They used ‘disassemble’, ‘break up’, ‘combination’, and ‘experimental material’ as keywords to render the Star Wars product design. 


Products from Rfactory not only provide the shopping satisfaction to the buyers, but designer Wu Yingnan also hopes that it can become a dimension of the two sides in a spiritual communication. She said, “Sometimes we pursue the same thing too much. Just like we hope our relatives, friends, lovers all have the same view of life, the same view of value, even the favorite brands. However, we do not understand that there are very few same points among people, between human beings and things. Differences make us special, unique. Rfactory pays attention to different sides. After it has explored and expressed the commonness, it can also respect each other’s personality. It set aside space in the design, let different users have a chance to show their differences.”

Wu also highlights the idea in the display design at the flagship store. 


Rubik’s cube was taken as the inspiration; leather and metal cubes make up the core of the soft outfit part in the flagship store. There is a decorative wall made of more than ten colours of cortex cubes. Some metal frames aside look like they are just for displaying, in fact, they are customized for these cubes. There are suitable frames for all the decorative squares, and different-sized metal frames can be combined. ‘Limited items create an infinite number of combinations.’   

Rfactory reflected that idea on the design of new products in 2016. They can be transformed and dismantled into different combinations. You can disassemble and choose the single item for matching freely. It is a big leap for Rfactory to have abstract and three-dimensional thinking space.

Revealing The Attitude Of Myself

Wu is not a beauty in the traditional sense, but she is a beautiful woman who turns heads with her unique style and charm. Her rich experience and mature wisdom makes her a happy woman who is confident in her own skin. Wu is not a traditional Chinese woman. She is independent, autonomous, rational, and self-disciplined. She wins the respect of the outside world by doing her best and trying her hardest. She does not expect to find their value from their husbands and children. In that sense, Wu is not a traditional good mother either. The greatest gift she gives to her child is neither a life of personal care, nor the satisfaction of luxurious things. She gives the child a very precious and abundant spirit. She respects her child as a human being; let her see a female role model who is fully embracing life, passionate, happy, and independent.  


This character is not only embodied in her attitude towards life, when she was talking about her previous work in fashion group, she also thinks that the eight years working experience helped her open up her horizons and accumulate resources. However, those things were not the most important for the establishment of Rfactory. She said, “For instance, we all went to a private cocktail party… you saw Jack Ma, who is from the upper class. He took a photo with you, shook hands with you and exchanged business cards, but this is not called resources. An efficient resource is after trying to get to a new society level, you can communicate equally. Then you will have a chance to cooperate. This resource is efficient. No one will take care of you, it is meaningless to have ten meals with them, and you are still nobody.” As she matured, Wu began to have such a thought, “when you are stronger and stronger, you will look for the right opportunity. I never wait for opportunities, I just fight for it. In other words, I consider things at other’s position. Does he need me? If he needs me, I may try.  If not, then I won’t ask other people for help. Talking again in terms of fashion, I think fashion to me is more of a freedom. This kind of freedom, I try hard to fight for it.”


As a result, during the time she set up Rfactory, she has been taking care of it quietly. In many occasions, she insists that she is an entrepreneur rather than a fashionable person. Perhaps, the Rfactory fashion brand is just a way to express Wu Yingnan with fashion. “I don’t deny that there is luck in the successful business, but I am not an opportunist. I will do what I can do and try my best. If I fail, I accept it. I believe in entrepreneurial spirit. If you can work harder than anyone else, then you can be happier than anyone else. If my company will achieve success in the future, I will share my experience with more people. If I can get into investments, I may help more people like me. They will be more intelligent and far-sighted. There will be more exploration about the future and they might have unique skills. I consider developing this aspect.” 

In this time, to be yourself has almost become a difficult life problem. Wu makes people see the clarity of life. She is not arrogant but a genuine person. Live out our own lifestyle; it is the most successful aspect of women. It is just like Wu’s comments on her own design works, “It’s not popular, but it is our own classic.” 

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