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Above the Looks, It's Me!

Johnny WANG 2019-04-01 16:59

Shanghai Fashion Week just released the 2019SS Collection. Among the designs we witnessed more diversified narratives and ideologies.

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MINNANHUI Lolita Revisited

Based on the movie Lolita, designers re-create fabric textures and colours to integrate sexy, cute and cool – the three iconic female characteristics into a “conflicted” status of beauty. As a result, the female image becomes both diversified and innocently charming.

Luem Ocean Sketches

This collection is obviously influenced by 19th painter Frederic Leighton’s The Fisherman and the Siren. The modern “sirens” break through limits and present their most natural aspects of life.

Above-The-Looks-It-s-Me 3.jpg


Moment of Night-Blooming Cereus

Featuring night-blooming cereus, the new Moiselle collection recaptures the moment the flower blooms, and infuses it with a delicate and romantic emotion. It denotes the power of modern women in being independent, creative, as well as unrestrained from any ideological boundaries.


The new collection is inspired from a girl’s room. Multiple feminine design details such as floral prints and mattress patterns are combined to create a private but comfortable wearing experience.

Above-The-Looks-It-s-Me 4.jpg

ANIRAC Viva Havana

This collection reminisces a free, romantic and passionate Havana in summer. Under the azure sky, refreshing stripes collide with vibrant prints, while baby pink, apricot and earthy colours formulate a delicate visual effect with the help of laces, high waistlines and lotus-shaped edges.

AT-ONE-MENT by Wanbing Huang In Search of Light

Huang’s collection is inspired from one of the most outstanding avant-garde movies in French history – La Cicatrice Intérieure, starring German singer Nico. The design features high contrast colours, multi-dimensional shapes, as well as floral embroideries that highlight confidence and romance within the female mind.

Above-The-Looks-It-s-Me 5.jpg


Conscious of Perspective

In this collection we are impressed by its ancient and mysterious tarots. Designers applied various animal patterns while each of them reflects a certain perspective of the inner heart, as means to interpret a unique fashion attitude.


Narrative of Freedom

As a cooperation project with Swarovski, distinctive collection features medieval elements, patterns and decorative shapes, expressing a freedom to depart from stereotypes.

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